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Fed by the sun. Nourished by community. Healed by nature. Cannabis-infused herbal wellness solutions for your whole life’s experience, proudly made in Nevada County, CA.

Presenting Equanimity

Our signature tincture, holistically crafted from a delicate ensemble of soothing herbs, superfoods and mindfully cultivated cannabis. Designed to optimize your sleeping and waking lifestyle.
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Emerald Cup, 2019

What’s in Your Medicine Box?

Here in Lake Tahoe and Nevada County, living well is our strongest medicine. Our wellness products are crafted to fortify and amplify the healing properties of Medicine Box’s Seven Pillars:








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How Medicine Box keeps it simple

How Medicine Box keeps it simple

Consider your life and your health right now: how much do you need in order to keep it going? What is the control panel to your life, the meters and measurements that allow you to maintain your existence on earth? Oftentimes, the more cluttered our existence is, the more we suffer from it. It’s something I take to heart, both as a business owner and a human being. For while I do own a company, and comply with many different, often contradictory rules to keep Medicine Box afloat, the only way I’ve been able to make it work is to keep it SIMPLE, and let nature speak for herself.
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Making the difference with mushrooms

Making the difference with mushrooms

Medicine Box has introduced me to a lot of plant allies early on, but mushrooms are a newer acquaintance — or discovery, if you will. While my maternal grandfather often went mushroom hunting with my father and uncle during visits, and I occasionally would look for mushrooms with a friend of mine in the northern hardwood forests of New Hampshire. In particular, we were fond of these hollow, bulbed mushrooms that we would call “bombs.” That’s because whenever you stepped upon them, they’d explode and emit these grey plumes of spores.
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