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Fed by the sun. Nourished by community. Healed by nature. Cannabis-infused herbal wellness solutions for your whole life’s experience, proudly made in Nevada County, CA.

Presenting Equanimity

Our signature tincture, holistically crafted from a delicate ensemble of soothing herbs, superfoods and mindfully cultivated cannabis. Designed to optimize your sleeping and waking lifestyle.
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Emerald Cup, 2019

What’s in Your Medicine Box?

Here in Lake Tahoe and Nevada County, living well is our strongest medicine. Our wellness products are crafted to fortify and amplify the healing properties of Medicine Box’s Seven Pillars:








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Where we sound off on subjects within and without the plant medicine world, including (but not limited to) cannabis, wellness and the Seven Pillars. Updated weekly.

Lines We Can Not Cross

Lines We Can Not Cross

Within and without this state, Lake Tahoe is seen as a pristine paradise. People from the San Francisco Bay Area and the rest of the world come here to escape from the chaos and uncertainty of their daily lives. The shifting climate realities of this region, however, has informed us locals that these problems have already arrived.
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Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal

Most of the time on this here blog, you’re hearing Brian talk about nature, wax rhapsodic about his latest hike, or share his daily purification in the waters of South Lake Tahoe. And if you’re wondering at all whether Medicine Box understands what those who are living in a city filled with food deserts and smog issues is going through — well, we’ve got news.
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Some things simply can’t be killed, no matter what you may throw at them, whether it’s disease, war or a big, fat meteor. That may include the cockroaches, but it also includes something pretty well indomitable in the human spirit as well. Medicine Box is built upon nurturing and championing these core strengths, so as we launch off into the Screaming ‘20s, we’d like to remind those beginning this year of what they — and you — can draw upon for sustenance in the months to come.
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