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Fed by the sun. Nourished by community. Healed by nature. Cannabis-infused herbal wellness solutions for your whole life’s experience, proudly made in Nevada County, CA.

Presenting Equanimity

Our signature tincture, holistically crafted from a delicate ensemble of soothing herbs, superfoods and mindfully cultivated cannabis. Designed to optimize your sleeping and waking lifestyle.
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Emerald Cup, 2019

What’s in Your Medicine Box?

Here in Lake Tahoe and Nevada County, living well is our strongest medicine. Our wellness products are crafted to fortify and amplify the healing properties of Medicine Box’s Seven Pillars:








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The Wellness Muses: Doctor Karina Klimtchuk

The Wellness Muses: Doctor Karina Klimtchuk

Like many in the fields of functional and integrative medicine, Dr. Karina Klimtchuk’s path of healing has taken her to many unique ports of call. Graduating with a dual major in sociology and psychology from the University of Massachusetts-Boston, Dr. Klimchuk earned a Psya.D in Psychoanalysis, while also picking up additional training in yoga, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
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Mental health, simplicity, and cleaning out the cobwebs

Mental health, simplicity, and cleaning out the cobwebs

Cleaning out the clutter. Every so often, you’ve got to do it, especially in times of outer chaos, because if they’re messed up out there, they’re going to get out of sorts inside as well. And if you’re going to do a little spring cleaning, you will need the proper tools and cleaning liquids for the job. But don’t fret — Medicine Box’s got you covered. You may have grown up with or around a hoarder — in my house, that would have been my mom. The basement was pretty much where all of my childhood relics have been preserved, from Star Wars action figures to random books stretching back to my preschool days. While it annoys the hell out of my Dad, it’s hardly as bad as it can get, when it fills entire rooms and the person simply can’t bear to throw any of it out, no matter how much pain it causes them or others. Just like any sort of addiction, there’s a comfort that sets in with having things just so, even if it keeps you from budging an inch.
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