How Soil Becomes Oil

Medicine Box applies a careful and discerning process during its product creation. Whether we grow it ourselves or select from the bounty of others, Medicine Box updates its Northern California cultural heritage with state-of-the-art phytochemical advances — a process we call Mindful Cultivation and Innovation. Here’s how it works:

Our Cultivation

After establishing and managing its own farms for years, Medicine Box now sources the ingredients for its products from several artisanal cultivators and suppliers. Its cannabis biomass is cultivated by small craft farms in Nevada County, CA. Nevada County’s strict limits on canopy size places a special emphasis on quality, not quantity, for the region’s growers. Those plants — grown using the permaculture principles developed by Brian, former COO Brandy Reaves and Medicine Box’s Chief Spiritual Officer Michael Hollister — constitute the first step in Medicine Box’s Soil-to-Oil production procedure.

The Soil

All of our cannabis plants are grown using what we call a Living Soil Infusion Mat — a thick layer of upcycled plastic supporting four inches of prime topsoil. All the plants share this growth medium, and the root systems of all the plants share the water, so nothing goes to waste. All cannabis plants are sungrown — a cannabis industry term indicating only natural light from the sun was used to grow the plant. Our growers continue to “invest” into the soil using regenerative nourishment tactics, so it can be reused year after year

The Rhizosphere

Medicine Box has integrated the principles of permaculture into every facet of our operation. Simply defined, permaculture develops agricultural strategies that mimic the cycles of nature. In particular, it’s all about the rhizosphere for us — the complex interplay of soil, roots and nutrients which feed our plants. We often quote the organic pioneers of the Rodale Institute, “Happy soils create happy plants.” By investing in our soil and developing an ecosystem where plants are integrated with each other and our suppliers are integrated with the Seven Medicine Box Pillars, we execute on Permaculture Principle Number Eight: Integrate rather than segregate.

The End Product

Equanimity’s efficacy rests upon the AfGoo strain, an indica-dominant strain derived from the original Afghani genetics found throughout California’s cannabis. As the online cannabis registry Leafly reports, AfGoo provides a calming, relaxing effect. For its other ingredients, Medicine Box works closely with herbal suppliers throughout the West Coast through the pioneering distributor Mountain Rose Herbs, a company with strong ties to Nevada County. For all our farms, we fall back on Permaculture Principle Number Nine: Use slow and steady systems. We’d rather go right than big, and that will always apply to all our current and future creations.

Our Extraction

After our assemblage of all the ingredients and the cutting, drying and curing (10-14 days minimum) of our cannabis, we send it all out to BAS Research in Berkeley, the first-ever CA state-licensed extractor. Their talented and knowledgeable staff then runs this biomass through a SFE Bio-Botanical CO2 Extraction Machine that fractionates terpenes at the beginning of its run. We also decarboxylate the plant to liberate its THC and CBD molecules. For several other cannabinoids, particularly the sleep-promoting CBN, we also apply some special trade secrets. The liberated terpenes and cannabinoids are then mixed with the essential oils of our herbal ingredients.

Our Packaging

Finally, we place the solution in opaque bottles to reduce light exposure which could dull our products’ efficacy. Those who follow our Instagram feed have already seen the letterpress printing of our labels performed by Full Circle Press here in Nevada City, CA. As users of the products themselves, Full Circle Press brings to their work a conviction in our mission which we feel reflects in the finished product. By the time the oil drop logo, designed by Manuel Cordeiro, is affixed on the box, Medicine Box has sent the raw materials of nature through a production matrix borne out of decades of experience and expertise in cannabis and herbalism, traditional yet contemporary, regionally-minded yet globally-conscious. For no matter what sorts of corners our competition may cut, our commitment will always be to


The Plant,
The Whole Plant
And Nothing But the Plant.