Mindful Cultivation and Innovation

Cultivation is as much of a science as it is a state of being. Medicine Box blends both. We mindfully innovate through cultural, social and political dynamics as we strive to preserve the historic roots of the cannabis movement. We build community through education, collaboration and cooperation. The Medicine Box team stays up to date on the latest science, medicinal and technological advancements in cannabis as we innovate through information. Finally, we innovate through mindful creativity and personal recovery with our individual relationships with cannabis.

Innovative collaboration

Medicine Box is dedicated to mindful cultivation and innovation, but we’re not doing it alone. We work with many individuals and organizations who understand our soil to oil philosophy, practice mindful cultivation and innovation, and share our goal of bringing safe, legal cannabis to everyone who needs it. We appreciate the passion and dedication these people bring to our projects and we would be a very different company without them.

The Soil to Oil Blog

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Relieving stress and tension with cannabis wellness

Modern life assaults us with challenges to our mental well-being daily, so you’re going to need strong defenses in order to weather the blows. Considering what we’re going through, the arrival of cannabis wellness products to combat modern society’s advanced stress couldn’t come soon enough.

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Escaping into mindfulness with your cannabis practice

At its worst and its best, cannabis offers an escape for its users. It all rests on whether you’re escaping from fear, or escaping from the truth. 
A good mindfulness practice can help one determine the difference, and a properly administered cannabis wellness regimen can sharpen one’s intuition for this crucial task. I’ve based much of my own mindfulness practice on 12-step teachings.

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Is cannabis still alternative?

Throughout the 20th century, cannabis was a stalwart camp follower of every vital underground movement. Now with the mainstreaming of cannabis in the 21st, WE are seeing an alternative develop to the dominant paradigm being established by the big boys — and Medicine Box is proud to take part in the movement.

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Alternative sports and cannabis

By now, you already know of my profound and abiding love for skiing, entrepreneurship and the tradition of cannabis farming. If you’re doing any of them well, you’re never playing it safe. No matter how old I get, I never lose that taste for the adventure you can find in these disciplines, and neither do any of the people that master them.

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