Medicine Box is a multi faceted cannabis company based in Nevada County and Lake Tahoe, California with a soil to oil philosophy that achieves its results through mindful cultivation and innovation.


A progressive state of being where all things are medicine: nature, music, food, mindfulness, community, collaboration, advocacy, recovery, and well-being and cannabis is the evolving medium that weaves it all together.

Brand values

Integrity & Accountability



Health & Wellness


Mindfulness Unity



Service to Others

Our Proccess

While the ethos of Medicine Box compose our visionary landscape, the Medicine Box brand stewardship is one of practicality. We take a mindful approach to complete quality control over the supply chain, direct to the end consumer.

01. Plant genetics
We choose plant genetics that comprise specific terpenes that will be utilized in our end products.

02. Healthy soil
Healthy soil equals healthy plants. Healthy plants are extracted into healthy oils with whole-plant derived terpenes.

03. High quality oils of terpenes
High quality oils of terpenes infuse well-curated products.

04. Marketing & education
Well-curated products are marketed through education. Marketing through education stimulates canna-curious consumers.

05. Curiosity evolves
Curiosity evolves into happy consumers who intend to infuse their well-being with a happier and healthier quality of life through the use of our products.

06. Quality of life
A heightened quality of life creates a culture that is dedicated to cannabis as part of their health and wellness program.

07. Shifting mindsets
Well curated products are marketed through education. Marketing through education stimulates canna curious consumers.

08. Transparency
Medicine Box was created with this soil to oil process in mind to simplify the stigmas around cannabis. Authenticity and transparency around this plant is the future.

09. We are the entourage effect
It is paramount for the Medicine Box mission to align with innovative collaborators that share our value systems and the quadruple bottom line consciousness of people, planet, patients, and profits.

Mindful cultivation

Cultivation is as much of a science as it is a state of being. Medicine Box blends both. We mindfully innovate through cultural, social, and political dynamics as we strive to preserve the historic roots of the cannabis movement. We build community through education, collaboration, and cooperation. The Medicine Box team stays up to date on the latest science, medicinal, and technological advancements in cannabis as we innovate through information. Finally, we innovate through mindful creativity and personal recovery with our personal relationships with cannabis.

Innovative collaboration

Medicine Box is dedicated to mindful cultivation and innovation, but we’re not doing it alone. We work with many individuals and organizations who understand our soil to oil philosophy, practice mindful cultivation and innovation, and share our goal of bringing safe, legal cannabis to everyone who needs it. We appreciate the passion and dedication these people bring to our projects and we would be a very different company without them.

Vital Garden Supply

Vital Garden Supply is a third-generation family-owned and operated business. We are strongly commitment to providing superior quality organic farm, garden and landscaping products. We only source products that are natural, organic and sustainable. All of our products are lab and field tested with a focus on Clean Green and CDFA organic certifications. We manufacture our own product line under the “Vital Garden Products” label as well as distribute many other top-quality organic products. Our Vital Garden Products line is gaining popularity and will be become more of our focus in the years to come.

House of Harlequin

House of Harlequin is a platform to explore and share the relationship between healing plants and humans. Cannabis is one of those plants. Our approach views cannabis as a healing plant that requires medicinal and mindful practices. Possibly one of the earliest agricultural crops, cannabis has been used as cord in pottery, food source and medicine as early as 8,000 BCE. Here at House of Harlequin, we explore and share that age-old relationship.

The Bloomfield Company

The Bloomfield Company is another fantastic cannabis company from Nevada County. While their beautiful products speak for themselves, the team at Bloomfield is incredibly community-minded. They’re always reaching out and creating partnerships that strengthen our local cannabis community. They recognize the potential of our community of cottage farmers and they work hard to make sure everyone knows what Gold Country cannabis has to offer.

Temple Extracts

Temple Extracts shares both our soil to oil philosophy and our belief that terpenes matter. Their mission is to offer pure cannabis oil, extracted from organically grown plants, that is safe to put in the temple of your body. They take pains to preserve the terpenes in their cannabis, so their products offer more than just cannabinoids. Their dedication to the quality of their oil makes their vape pens some of the best on the market.

BAS Research

BAS Research is California’s first licensed medical cannabis extraction and research facility. We work with them to transform our raw plant material into the high-quality cannabis oil we use in our edibles and tinctures. They share our soil to oil philosophy and they show it by testing the products they work with every step of the way. They are committed to ending the stigma around cannabis by producing clean, safe extracts suitable for even the most vulnerable patients.


Despite that, we use them for all of our product testing. They’re well known in the California cannabis industry — they did all the testing for the 2016 Emerald Cup. They’re our first choice for the potency, microbial, pesticide, and terpene analysis we do on our products.

Gold Mountain Distribution

Gold Mountain Logistics is a leading distribution and logistics management solution for the cannabis industry.  Based near Sacramento in the central part of the state, Gold Mountain is ideally positioned to provide efficient distribution throughout the entire state of California.

Palm Springs Safe Access

Palm Springs Safe Access prides itself on offering safe, tested products to their community. In addition to requiring full testing of every product in the dispensary, they are committed to educating people about cannabis. Their staff promotes overall health and wellness and, as their reviews on WeedMaps and Leafly demonstrate, their knowledge is appreciated by their patients.

Designer151 Studios

We’ve been working with Manny and the team at Designer151 Studios since the very beginning. They’ve been invaluable as we created our distinctive packaging and physical marketing materials. They’ve taken the time to source hemp paper and post-consumer recycled materials so our packaging leaves the smallest footprint possible. We appreciate everything they’ve done to bring our vision to dispensary shelves.

Viscerah Studios

Viscerah is a California based creative agency lead by director Evan Buzzell. Specializing in innovative storytelling and creative marketing for the modern age of the internet, Viscerah creates content for nearly every industry. Viscerah directs award-winning music videos, festival documentary films, content marketing strategies, and is currently branching in to narrative films and television.

Sirris Design

Sirris Design is a digital experience design consultancy based in Lake Tahoe and San Francisco. Specializing in building digital products and brands from concept to launch, focusing on UI / UX, product design, responsive website design, rewards and application platforms, prototyping, branding, identity systems and print.

Roundwood Furniture

Roundwood Furniture builds beautiful custom furniture, including the furniture seen in our booth and office. While they work with a variety of materials, including skis and snowboards, they use locally reclaimed wood in their projects for Medicine Box. The end results look amazing and function on multiple levels. For example, the seats they built for our booth double as storage devices that close securely and easily roll from the van to the booth. They live by the motto “helping others win” and that attitude is displayed in all of their creations.

Redefining Cannabis

With over 14 years of experience in building lifestyle brands and 2 years working solely in the cannabis space, Redefining Cannabis is building the cannabis brands of the future.  As the laws change state by state, brands representing the cannabis culture now have an opportunity to be pioneers and leaders in a growing market.

Cannabis Feminist

Cannabis Feminist is a collective working to empower women to use cannabis as part of a healthy, mindful lifestyle. Their Bake Sales are innovative social events where you can both learn about cannabis and find the products that are right for you.


The cannabis industry currently does not have a universal standard or educational system in place to help professionals utilize cannabis as a tool for healing and enhancing people’s lives. We have created the knowledge standards and certification process to improve the application of a unique and complex medicine, so that patients can further understand their health. Our mission is to help cannabis professionals learn and understand the complexity of cannabis and its healing properties and use the knowledge as a tool to enhance people’s lives through official certification standards.

Cannabliss Retreats

Our retreats offer a unique and exclusive experience that brings together beautiful people, from coast to coast, from the canna-curious to the cannasseur, we will gather and celebrate all that cannabis has gifted us, as we learn from the top experts in the industry! Retreat guests will receive our official KANNA-KARE certification through our proprietary program created by Dr. Ira Price, a higher-learning course that will teach you the key facts about cannabinoid medicine. We create conscious expanding ceremonies that will give you the tools to journey inwards with cannabis and other sacred plants, in a deeply introspective and mindful way, lead by experts in yoga, energy medicine, and the healing arts.

Caladrius Network

We believe that every family deserves hope and support. We also believe that cannabis is a vital medicine for many children, so they should have unrestricted access to this life-saving treatment. The Caladrius Network makes every effort to give families the help they need at no cost and we are proud to partner with them to help further their mission.

Cannabis Advocacy

Medicine Box is a proud member of several industry organizations that work tirelessly to educate people about cannabis, promote the industry, and protect the people who work in it.
www.thecannabisindustry.org www.nccannabisalliance.org www.cacannabisindustry.org www.calgrowersassociation.org

The Medicine Box team

The Medicine Box team is an entourage effect of individuals that are extremely passionate about the cannabis plant and the industry. The synergistic blend of skill sets that we each combine brings a unique perspective to the Medicine Box vision. Long time cannabis cultivators, advocates, patients, herbalists, culinary experts and open minded humans give Medicine Box its constant evolution that life is medicine.

Brian Chaplin

CEO and Founder

In 2002, Brian Martello Chaplin traveled west to Lake Tahoe California with $1,000, a backpack and his guitar to pursue the ski bum lifestyle. After several years supporting his skiing and travel habits working in the food and beverage industry there, he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. Randomly integrated into a project in Oakland in 2009 he discovered that he could apply his experience and the knowledge he gained from a degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Vermont to the underground world of cultivating medicinal cannabis.

Consistently refining cannabis concepts from year to year since 2009, with roots planted back in Lake Tahoe and the Nevada County foothills he started to conceptualize the ethos of Medicine Box in the winter of 2016 while recovering from a skiing injury as well as taking a journey of self-exploration. Yearning to come out of the cannabis shadows and deliver a positive message with the vision that the majority of humans across the globe shall replace the contents of their medicine cabinets with a cannabis health and wellness supplement he quickly sought out to bootstrap and execute this vision.

While working with the plant itself is deeply gratifying, his greatest strengths are building collaborative relationships that align with the Medicine Box vision, experimental production models and interfacing with the community of Nevada County CA as a board member of the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance. From the soil to oil pendulum of Medicine Box and its mission statement of “Mindful Cultivation & Innovation”  it is clear that Brian’s true passions lie within the culture of cannabis and the California lifestyle. With Medicine Box, he bridges the gap between his passions and visions with creative grassroots business concepts. Remaining true to the medicinal value of cannabis, the cultural and social dynamics of its evolution Brian and his dedicated team navigate the many nuances of the cannabis movement. He consistently positions himself and the evolving Medicine Box company with the support of his collaborative team on the emerging trends of cannabis culture throughout the state.

When he’s not developing his vision for Medicine Box and the cannabis community you can find him seeking inspiration skiing at Squaw Valley, hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains with his husky Phoenix, swimming along the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe, mindfully flowing in a Qigong session or picking away at his acoustic guitar. An epicurean of life’s simplicities, he is also fond of Pellegrino, Bulletproof Coffee, dining out, his epic friends and family, and open minded free-flowing conversation.

Brandy Reaves


Brandy Reaves comes from a family of farmers who immersed her in the cannabis culture at a young age. In 1989, at the age of 14, she moved to the San Juan Ridge in Nevada County which further solidified her relationship with this healing plant. At the age of 18, when her classmates were going off to college, she was flipping the switch on her first grow: two lights in her bedroom closet.

The years went by and she mastered the indoor growing scene while maintaining a 9-5 job. She learned to do purchasing and bookkeeping while working at Mountain Peoples Wine, a family business. During this time she also started her own family. When she was 8 months pregnant with her first daughter, she looked down at her belly and realized that she must find a way to cultivate cannabis sustainably. Neither procreation nor cultivation leaves a small environmental footprint and she wanted to leave her child with a future on this planet.

When her daughter was young, she went to work for her dear friends who were starting a small, organic gardening store. They needed someone to set up the books and sit in the office, with the hopes that other cultivators out there who wanted to grow in a sustainable fashion would come in to purchase supplies and learn. Working with her friends was so much more than a job and she became passionate about organic farming and loved her work. As it turns out the organic, soil-building way of cultivating both cannabis and food took off and their humble farm center would become Vital Garden Supply. Twelve years later, that humble garden center has served thousands of Nevada Counties finest cultivators and established itself as an industry leader with a thriving local and statewide business.

As the crash and shift of the cannabis market took hold, Brandy was plagued by both a neck injury and burnout. These changes forced her to re-evaluate her life path. It was during this transitional time that she became fast friends with Brian Chaplin, founder of Medicine Box. Brian was aware of the shifts in the industry, so he was in the process of transitioning his farms to be strictly organic and actively taking the steps needed to carry his brand to the other side. He sought Brandy out at a birthday party and asked if he could set a time to pick her brain. His enthusiasm and take-charge attitude surrounding the changes in the industry were infectious and became the sparks needed to reignite her passion for cannabis. She slowly started to integrate into the Medicine Box family.

Medicine Box was in the first stages of the startup world and needed much of the same attention that Vital needed in the beginning. Brandy’s initial contribution of consulting, as a friend at no charge, quickly turned into a salaried position and eventually a partnership. Staying true to the startup playbook, all the team members within Medicine Box wear many hats. Brandy Reaves is the current COO and controller at Medicine Box. She also manages the plant care, properties, and books. Transplanting, scheduling, packaging, and managing the human factor are all in a day’s work.  

Jill Gerhardstein

Baker & Web Developer

Growing up in Michigan, skiing was my favorite thing to do. I spent years as a children’s ski instructor and a few more years volunteering with the National Ski Patrol. I loved it, and snow still makes me happy every time it falls from the sky. In 2008, my life was drifting a bit. All I knew for sure was that I wanted to ski more, so I decided I’d try a winter in Tahoe. A friend invited me to sleep on his couch, so I packed my car and drove 2,200 miles west. That worked out well for me.

May 6th — moving to Tahoe was definitely the right choice. I spent that first winter working as a ski instructor, but I quickly learned that working in restaurants was a great way to support my ski habit. I was never a great line cook, but I loved baking. Eventually, I found people willing to pay me to bake cookies. If only five-year-old me had been able to see the future…

Working in restaurants actually led to my current position at Medicine Box. When our founder began putting the team together, he reached out to friends from his own time in the food and beverage industry. One of those friends was a chef I’d baked for. He reached out and asked me if I wanted to help open a new restaurant. I gave him an enthusiastic yes, so he passed along my phone number. When Brian called me, there was no restaurant. Instead, he was transparent with me about the company he wanted to build and why he wanted to make edibles. It wasn’t what I expected, but I decided to meet him. The short version of our interview: I brought him snacks and he gave me a job. That was September 2015. After a few months working on the vision, we spent the next year doing product development and trying to find our niche in the cannabis world.

Before working at Medicine Box, I didn’t have much of a relationship with cannabis. My dad and siblings smoked on a regular basis, but I just never got into it. I took this job because I love baking and this seemed like an interesting new approach. I had a lot of catching up to do, so I started educating myself. That’s actually how our weekly news posts started — I just share the articles I find particularly interesting or helpful. Eventually, I tried our products. (Voluntarily.) Once I start falling asleep within minutes instead of hours, it was obvious to me that there’s more to cannabis than just getting high. I still feel new to this industry, but I’m excited to see what we can do with the emerging science of terpenes and strain-specific approaches.

Working for a startup is interesting every single day. Making our energy bars and truffles is one of my main responsibilities, but Medicine Box has also given me a great opportunity to learn new skills. Where else could I spend time baking, developing the website, and writing for our blog? Every day is different and it’s exciting to help an idea turn into a company that understands cannabis from soil to oil.
Aside from working and skiing, I spend my time reading (history and science fiction, which are often quite similar), knitting, and going on ridiculously bad dates.

Demitra Carter

Brand Manager

Demitra grew up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Truckee, California. As an athlete and outdoor adventurer for the entirety of her life, much of her inspiration and drive comes from achieving and maintaining optimal well being. Her family has always put healthy and adventurous physical activity and being outdoors as a strong priority.

She has had a love for movement and has been fascinated with the human body and the multiple avenues that can be accessed to facilitate strength, awareness, and optimal health. This inspiration sparked at a young age, and she continues to explore and grow through the practices of Yoga, Massage Therapy, and Medical Cannabis. Her training of the bodies’ specialized systems was attained at the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences in Manhattan, New York where she received her AA in Occupational Therapy and National Massage Therapy license. She is passionate about holistic health, food as medicine, and incorporating all of these beautiful and versatile lifestyle traditions into her daily practice and offerings. How her training and teachings come into play with Medicine Box is her offering of extensive knowledge of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Incorporating the importance of health, wellbeing, and sustainability into the brand is a key element of her role.

As a product developer, she is a constant student of Cannabis and healing herbs. She creates our tincture blends designed specifically for optimal absorption of the many health benefits available in the plant world. Demitra spearheads all research and implementation of innovative practices that we include in the creation of our Medicine Box whole plant tincture blends. She is excited for the continued evolution of working with healing herbs in this way and puts her whole heart into it. In addition to being a product developer, she is a co-brand manager. The role of managing is a wide spectrum of creating and maintaining social media content with the team, building relationships in the cannabis community, and being one of the key faces of the brand.She also gives feedback and input on market adaptability and how we continue to move forward in a good way. As an MMJ patient and avid user for 10 years, she has a strong understanding of what works for her and how to guide others in finding their medicine. She finds joy in working directly with patients so they too can find what works for their personal body maintenance.




How do you define “Soil to Oil?”

Brian Chaplin
SOIL-TO-OIL (adj, v, n)
“Our company philosophy. The mindful and innovative practices we deploy to ensure complete quality control throughout the supply chain, while delivering the cultural and social message to the end user.”

Brandy Reaves
“Our cultivation practices enrich the soil with life, producing vitality infused oils restoring health and wellness within the body.”

Jill Gerhardstein
SOIL-TO-OIL (verb)
“Soil to oil = evolution. It is a series of actions that starts with healthy, living soil and ends with an oil that benefits healthy, living people. Every action creates change and our soil to oil philosophy guides us to change for the good of our patients, the good of our environment, and the good of our community.”

Demitra Carter
“Our mindset and philosophy that we cultivate, harvest, produce and live by. This ensures that we are present every step of the way.”

The farms

The cultivation aspect of Medicine Box is a pillar of our soil to oil pendulum. It is at the collective of farms where mindful cultivation and innovation is born. This collective of farms is spanned across two distinct appellations in the region of Grass Valley, California within Nevada County. Spanning from 1400’ elevation to over 2500’ in the undulating Sierra Nevada foothills, and all the way up to the 5000’ Truckee, California. The Mediterranean climate here in the foothills of Gold Country consists of hot dry summers and mild wet winters which make it one of the most suitable climates in the world for artisanal craft cannabis cultivation and for the “back to the land” people that ignite the vibrant global culture here. Our small and medium-sized, or “cottage” grows are a combination of 2500 square foot greenhouses and sun-grown cannabis sites. Influenced by organic cultivation techniques and elements of sustainable design, it is at these homesteader sites where the foundational root systems of the soil to oil pendulum are forged.

The Temple

Grass Valley, California
Cedar Ridge Appellation
Cultivated & Processed by Medicine Box

Since 2012

The Cedar Ridge Appellation is tucked within a myriad of rolling hills, windy roads and clusters of Jeffrey Pines and California Black Oak Trees. The Temple cultivation site is a custom built 2500 square foot greenhouse that is nestled within the humble property that also serves as a homestead for Medicine Box crew members. Beautiful south facing sun beams its way through the forests throughout the day making this site a team favorite for gatherings, it’s landscape aesthetics and of course the quality of cannabis that is cultivated on it.

Ole Emigrant Ranch

Grass Valley, California
You Bet Appellation

Greenhouse and Sun Grown
Cultivated & Processed by Medicine Box
Since 2012

A classic “back to the land” homestead location, the Ole Emigrant Ranch is within the You Bet appellation, a small unincorporated community spawned by miners from the Gold Rush era. There is still a collective energy here that is harmonious with the land that had previously attracted gold miners and now, cannabis farmers. This off the grid, solar powered quaint home and cultivation site is a combination of 2500 square foot cottage greenhouses and sun grown terraces. Just shy of 3000 feet in elevation, the night time temperatures are cool and crisp which promote exceptional terpene production in the variety of genetics we choose to grow here because of its diverse landscape and micro climates 


What our clients are saying about us

The Medicine Box Truffles are great! I suffer from insomnia and lots of pain. I use them for sleeping. Right before I go to sleep I’ll eat 1/4 dose. I sleep much better and have less pain in the morning. I’m not a big fan of Big Pharmacy products so this is perfect for me! Thank you for the high quality medicine. I highly recommend to all my friends that suffer like me!


Being a Army Veteran who has severe depression and a Trans man dealing with dysphoria on a daily basis, I strive to seek out amazing quality products and that is exactly what I received.

Alex M. HealyCannabis Patient and Advocate

The medicine bars are perfect for when you want an extra pep in your step. I love having a nibble before getting my movement on, whether hiking, running or yoga. These bars always give a nice subtle pop of energy and so I also enjoy having a few bites throughout the night when I’m up and out.

Kristin RoccoEntrepreneur, Yogi and Athlete

Out of all the hundreds of health supplements I have used and discovered over the past 20+ years Medicine Box tinctures remain in my daily use, top 10 non-negotiable.

Luke StoreyThe Life Stylist Podcast

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Legal Disclaimer

Medicine Box operates in full compliance of AB 266. Our products are intended for adults with a valid California medical card. Please enjoy with care. Medicine Box does not purport to diagnose or treat any medical condition. None of the statements made by Medicine Box have been evaluated by the FDA. Please contact your healthcare provider if you need medical attention. Soil to Oil™ and Medicine Box™ are the trademarks and intellectual property of Medicine Box.