Palm Springs

Bud and Bloom

True Farma

99 High Tide

Cornerstone Collective

Harvest Bloom

You can find Medicine Box in a few fabulous dispensaries in California and
we’re adding more on a regular basis.

Society Jane

San Francisco, California

Lucky Box Club

Colfax, California

New Level Collective

Goleta, California

Flow Kana

San Francisco, California

Harvest Bloom

Belmont, California

Palm Springs Safe Access

Palm Springs, California

True Farma

Pasa Robles, California

99 High Tide

Malibu, California


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Legal Disclaimer

Medicine Box operates in full compliance of AB 266. Our products are intended for adults with a valid California medical card. Please enjoy with care. Medicine Box does not purport to diagnose or treat any medical condition. None of the statements made by Medicine Box have been evaluated by the FDA. Please contact your healthcare provider if you need medical attention. Soil to Oil™ and Medicine Box™ are the trademarks and intellectual property of Medicine Box.