Medicine Box believes that cannabis should not only be functional but also approachable and enjoyable. With that in mind, we’ve put together several resources that will guide you through the experience of mindfully consuming cannabis.


Dosage is one of the biggest factors when it comes to successfully using cannabis products. Too much can cause negative side effects, but too little will be ineffective. Unfortunately, there are currently no standard doses for cannabis, so most people will need to go through a trial and error process before learning what works best for their individual needs.

Since everyone will need to do at least a small amount of trial and error to find their preferred dose, we believe that mindful consumption is essential for a good experience with cannabis.

Mindful cannabis consumption consists of thoughtfully selecting your products, carefully choosing both the initial dose and any follow-up doses, and conscientiously monitoring your reactions. The standard advice is “start low and go slow” but that´s too vague to offer much help to people who are new to cannabis. We want everyone who tries a Medicine Box product to have a good experience, so we created some step-by-step guides designed to help people learn how to use cannabis. In the beginning, it may be helpful to jot down a couple of notes. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. What time you consumed cannabis.
  2. What dosage you selected.
  3. Your intention for using this product.
  4. How do you feel after 30 minutes? An hour? Two hours? Set a timer if it helps.
  5. When do the effects wear off?

Read on for our product-specific guidelines and some advice on what to do if you accidentally take too much.


  1. Choose a Medicine Box tincture blend based on what your body needs. Read the dosage and suggested serving on the box.
  2. Commit to a daily ritual of taking your medicine. Being consistent will help you reap the full benefits.
  3. Start with a low dose, such as 7-15 drops, to gauge your body’s response to the tincture.
  4. Use the dropper to measure the desired dose. Squeezing the bulb at the top will fill the dropper with 1 ml of tincture; 1 ml = 30 drops. Squeeze the tincture into your mouth, hold under your tongue for 30 seconds, then swallow.
  5. Asses how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually after 30 minutes and again one hour later.
  6. What is enhanced or balanced? Write down anything you notice so you can track how the tinctures works for you over time.
  7. Develop an understanding of how this medicine makes you feel. Take another 1/4 – 1/2 dose if you do not feel the effects of cannabis within the hour. It can take up to a month to feel the long-term benefits, but you should notice some effects within the first 30 minutes.
  8. Take your desired dose daily, ideally at the same time of the day, to develop, a healing routine with the associated herbs.
  9. After 30 days, assess how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally, and compare with your notes. What have you experienced? 10. Reassess your dose and repeat for another month.


While it´s possible to eat so much cannabis that you feel

uncomfortable, no one has ever died from edibles

Even in a worst-case scenario, too much cannabis isn’t terribly dangerous. While cannabis overdose might not be dangerous, it is uncomfortable. Many people report anxiety, dry mouth, paranoia, increased heart rate, lack of coordination, and vomiting as symptoms of too much cannabis. While those side effects are unpleasant, the good news is that they go away by themselves, usually within 30 minutes to two hours. However, if you’re feeling miserable, you want to feel better immediately, not in two hours. Here are a few things you can do to improve the situation:

1. Breathe. Take a few minutes to practice mindful breathing to calm your mind and body. This will help fight the anxiety and paranoia and may also lower your heart rate and quell the urge to vomit. (Not everyone will experience every possible side effect.)

2. Drink some water. Dry mouth is a very common side-effect and water is the obvious — and effective — solution. Drinking water also promotes mindfulness and distracts you from any anxiety or paranoia you might experience.

3. Do not take any drugs or alcohol. While cannabis doesn’t cause dangerous drug interactions, alcohol and drugs will not make you feel better if you feel uncomfortably high. CBD is the exception to this; it’s been shown to counteract the effects of THC.

4. Avoid eating food high in myrcene or fat, as they can intensify the experience.

5. Find a way to distract yourself. If you’re not suffering from a lack of coordination, taking a shower or going for a walk in a familiar place can help center you. You can also try listening to music, watching a movie or television show, coloring, cleaning, video games, or knitting.

6. Talk to a friend and let them know what’s going on. Just knowing that there’s someone out there who cares about your well-being can make you feel better. If you don’t have any friends available, try something like the TripSit chatroom or subreddit where you can talk to a friendly stranger.

7. Try the black pepper trick. Many people find that chewing two or three black peppercorns helps them calm down. Remind yourself that the discomfort you are feeling is temporary. You will feel better soon.

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