Full Moon Connection

Lifestyle, Mindfulness and Entrepreneurial Counseling, Adjusted for Planetary Shift

Individuals and organizations alike are entering into a new, tumultuous phase beset with changes, and the mental, physical and spiritual lives of the earth’s inhabitants are challenged with new assaults on their integrity. Through cannabis, I found access to a wellspring of renewal, developed within the underground for decades by the hardcore proponents of this plant’s mysteries, that I use to maintain my mental health and sobriety. Moreover, I have used this plant to successfully kick SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome, and have served as a mentor to those in recovery, both within and without the traditional 12-step. model

My own training in Cannabis Wellness began with my mentor Michael Hollister. As an RN, cannabis cultivator and self-taught researcher, Michael discovered how cannabis and its supporting rhizosphere connects with our central nervous systems. On days of the full moon, he would call me, and class would begin. During his long, sprawling talks, I would learn of the entire “gestalt” of plant medicine and its untapped abilities to help people overcome their struggles. I recognized through him that the work I was doing was part of a greater project to strengthen and fortify people with long-forgotten tools from nature..

Michael sadly transitioned in 2018, but what remained was the revelation of my own personal destiny through my life’s work – a work which is defined by the Seven Pillars of Medicine Box. I now offer those lessons and gifts to any person, conference panel, podcast, entrepreneur or struggling alcoholic/drug addict who wishes or needs to experience them for themselves.

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