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Each month, we explore a specific health and wellness subject. This month’s theme is “The Simple Life.” Live simply so that others may simply live.

These words resonate even more strongly in our current Age of Anxiety. We at Medicine Box have learned a thing or two from the masters about how to achieve it, and have devoted this month’s blog series to the quiet, uncluttered truth.

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Tasting Review: So Much Goodness

Tasting Review: So Much Goodness

They came. They saw. They tasted. They loved! It’s somewhat difficult to gauge how successfully a tasting when half the products are infused with “happy” oil (happy oil = pure CO2 Afgoo oil). Not to say that all of our products aren’t made with happiness – they certainly are. They’re made with lots of love too. But the happy oil guaranteed all of our guests left with smiles on their faces!
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cannabis and sleep
Cannabis Helps Me Sleep

Cannabis Helps Me Sleep

The end of the ski season always keeps me up at night. Maybe it’s the reduced amounts of exercise and sunshine, maybe it’s a touch of depression from losing my favorite activity, or maybe it’s all in my head, but every spring I cannot sleep.
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