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Each month, we explore a specific health and wellness subject. This month, we’re exploring three new Medicine Box products.

Very simple: We’re talking about the new line, and why we’re reformulating our products for the masses, around the country.

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Mindful Cannabis Consumption or That Time My Boss Drugged Me

Mindful Cannabis Consumption or That Time My Boss Drugged Me

I’ve talked to many people about their experiences with edibles and I’ve heard a lot of horror stories. Nearly all of these bad experiences seem to be caused by consuming too much THC. Fortunately, prohibition is ending and those of us in legal states can easily find edibles that have been tested for potency, making it easy to avoid the unpleasant side-effects of over-consumption.
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The Anti-Propaganda, Part 2

The Anti-Propaganda, Part 2

As we quickly approach November 2016, when a very historical election will take place and the unknown answer to the question of “Who will be our next president?” will be revealed. With the federal, state and local laws being longer and more complex than most can understand, we turn to those in leadership roles to guide our way.
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