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Each month, we explore a specific health and wellness subject. This month’s theme: Mushrooms. From reviled fungus to versatile superfood, these fruiting bodies are now popping up in wellness products around the world – including ours.

This month, we’re speaking to the glory of mushrooms, speaking with specialists as well as our very own Glad Scientist, Dr. Refael Aharon, about their extraordinary ability to treat body, mind and spirit. And we’ll also reveal how the potent varieties — shiitake, chaga and maitake — we use for our products can aid you in your daily life.

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Introducing Medicine Box Monday

Introducing Medicine Box Monday

This is our first Medicine Box Monday, so I’d like to take a moment to explain what we’re doing. We’ve spent a lot of time building our brand and developing our products, but we’ve always thought of ourselves as more than just a cannabis company. We have a voice in a grassroots movement and we want to influence that movement to reflect our values and the values of the people we serve.
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Medicine Box 2016: A Year in Review

Medicine Box 2016: A Year in Review

2016 was a big year for Medicine Box. Sure it’s the year we curated our top notch team, developed our 3 flagship products, established a growing social media presence, not to mention its the year we launched the Medicine Box brand at the NCIA Expo in June. But 2016 was also a big year for Medicine Box because it was a big year for cannabis.
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