Prop 64 Loopholes and Sustainability — Medicine Box Monday

As we continue to navigate the transition from Proposition 215 to Proposition 64, more and more is revealed. This is not a quick process, nor was it intended to be. However, Prop. 64 left so many loopholes that closing those gaps is creating rifts in the cannabis industry.

Medicine Box Monday Presents: Gold Mountain Distribution

For our behind the scenes feature this week, we would like to highlight our newest innovative collaboration with Gold Mountain Distribution. The opportunities this partnership brings forth are very exciting and look forward to our blossoming...

The Demonization of Cannabis: Don’t Let the Noise Distract You

The demonization of cannabis created a social stigmatization so convoluted that we are just now starting to see it unravel, but is the unraveling happening too fast? Is it forgetting Dennis Perone, the movement behind Proposition 215, and the intentions of medicinal cannabis?

Thankful for Cannabis

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope your day is filled with wonderful people and delicious food! Our team would like to share just why we're thankful for the plant that brought us together. Brian, our founder: I am thankful for cannabis because it has no...

Israeli Farmers Meet Nevada County Cannabis Culture

The history of medical cannabis research in Israel is as rich as the Nevada County cannabis culture, with its unique microclimates, the high quality and diversity of its strains, as well as the healthy soils in which it is cultivated.