Beyond the age of anxiety

by Jun 17, 2020

For a crisis with seemingly no end in sight, there’s been no shortage of discussion on what we’re all gonna do once this is all behind us.

That’s probably the wrong way to look at it. It’s kind of like looking across the expanse of a raging river at the banks just across from where you’re standing, telling yourself what you’re going to do once you’ve crossed the river. Gotta put in the work in order to get to the destination.

That work is multifaceted, and all of us have a job to do. We at Medicine Box occupy the lane of relieving stress and pushing us further away from the Age of Anxiety and towards better mental resilience, through improved sleep, gut health and energy maintenance. And that work starts NOW, in the present, not some imagined future, because now is all we’ve got.

Here’s where I start:

Beyond the age of anxiety - entering the mind

Illustration by @Nurul Kusumaningrum

Waging the mindful revolution

People like to speak in military terms of these times: doctors and nurses are “frontline workers,” the virus is “the invisible enemy,” and so forth. You can do you, but for us, we’re far more interested in a Mindful Revolution, and teaching people how to meet their struggles not with panic, but with calm and inner resolve. And if you can pull that off in a moment like this, then nothing can defeat you. And now is a good time to start, because this century is going to be filled with plenty of changes, many of them, from climate change to technological advancements, will shake the foundations of our society to the core.

So how do you wage a Mindful Revolution against all of this coming our way. Here are the commandments:

We are not to judge

Because what we’re working with is so unprecedented, it’s going to be impossible to get everyone to agree on the right plan of action. And when you’re talking about public health vs. personal liberty, especially in America, that’s inevitably going to cause a fight. 

Perhaps the biggest mistake in this is applying ill will to the other side, since each side is operating from deeply held convictions. Pulling back from this and instead going “How can I be of service?” makes the most sense, rather than making others bend to one’s will. A chaos bomb has been thrown into the midst of our daily lives, so it’s time to meet each other with compassion, rather than blame, against each other. At a moment where we’re dealing with feelings of frustration and fear, it’s easy to lash out at each other. But there is a better way, always.

Take responsibility for one’s own health

Medicine Box has always maintained that individuals should be sovereign in their health choices. For us, this means keeping mentally fit, rather than waiting to repair when the next health crisis hits. This is pretty relative, since many who are doing the work, such as those in recovery or beating back suicidal ideations,  can find themselves uniquely challenged at times like these through no fault of their own. And they should be able to choose whatever works best for them, period.

I myself worked with Prozac for a year or so until I recognized 1) It numbed my senses and 2) I found myself dependent upon it, for just trying to stop the medication made me feel even worse. I recognize now that herbs, mushrooms and whole-plant cannabinoids are the way to go for me, and that others should have that same choice, too. Now that we’re faced with a disease for which there is no cure or treatment, others are forced to fend for themselves. To all of you I say this: you have been set free. Choose wisely, and choose for yourself and others. 

Make more of
your 24

1CaB can only set the foundation for your day. After that, it’s all about what you do to elevate oneself with the Seven Pillars to keep oneself from forgetting the overall gift of life. So for all of the breadmakers and crafters and people learning and cultivating themselves, rather than fighting endless, pointless battles with strangers online — we salute you. We’ve been given a moment to really consider what we’re going to do with the rest of our lives. What are we going to do with it?

meditation and stress relief

After the age of anxiety

Simply put, the Age of Anxiety’s aftermath is the Great Unnerving of ALL of our Nervous Systems. And that’s not just our minds — it’s politics, art, culture and all else that makes us fearful of that which hasn’t even happened yet. And 1CaB is built precisely to aid in bringing about the building of a Better Present for us all. Because believe me, when others see that you’ve successfully done it, then the Mindful Revolution starts being won, one mind at a time.

From what I can see, you have two attitudes right now in America – one dreads the future and what may come from it, while the other walks around unmasked, convinced this thing is some sort of Deep State hoax. Is there a middle ground to all of this?

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