Reintroducing Happy Belly

by Jan 8, 2020

Welcome back to the new year! Having made it through the past decade relatively intact. Medicine Box is announcing the reintroduction AND reformulation of our second most popular pre-64 tincture, Happy Belly.

We introduced this bad boy along with our full product line at the 2016 NCIA conference, and we’ve continually been asked from those who used to buy it in the stores when it was coming back. 

Well, first, for those of you who have NEVER used Happy Belly, let me go into some explanation of its creation, and how we have brought this into our mental health focus.

Happy Belly cannabis tincture

Happy Belly = Happy Humans

Just as Equanimity was made for your bedside table, Happy Belly was made for your dinner table. In our research, Medicine Box has learned that 90% of our serotonin is developed in our gut biome. We are quite convinced that at least some of this crossed through the blood-brain barrier. If so, then your gut biome lends as much to your overall mental health as a good night’s sleep does. Working hand in hand, Happy Belly and Equanimity are designed to create a mental homeostasis which leads to calmer, happier humans — that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

Think about the times you’ve had heartburn, or an upset stomach. An unhealthy gut biome has been linked to nausea, anxiety and other conditions that eventually target the mind. Medicine Box has always maintained that one should not have to suffer in order to achieve wellness. If you’re doing both right, sleeping and eating are intrinsically joyous activities that people should look forward to doing. By using Happy Belly as an apertif, those who used Happy Belly back in the day gave some exciting feedback to us. One person would use the tincture to prime her digestion as well as to assist with the breakdown of her plant based diet. Another person claimed it assisted her with her celiac disease. 

Moreover, the different flavors within the entourage effect of herbs and cannabis present in Happy Belly can also be integrated into one’s meal, just like our Equanimity-infused mocktails. We look forward to expanding into food preparation with some brand-new partners and chefs, such as the vegan chef Jason Wrobel, in the coming year to expand our lifestyle offerings.

Happy Belly throughout the world

Gets better: Happy Belly will be the FIRST Medicine Box product to be sold in all 50 states.

Yes, you’ve heard me go on continually about whole plant remedies. But as I did a deeper dive into cannabinoid pharmacokinetics, I discovered that CBG, which can be extracted from especially harvested hemp plants, may do the trick better than THC or even CBD. CBG has shown great promise in treating IBS and Crohn’s disease, and the entourage effect of different foods and herbs adds even greater potential to this molecule. In addition, we’re also looking into re’ishi mushrooms, which have also been shown to reverse symptoms of obesity in mice, including weight gain and insulin resistance.

Similar to our blog series on Equanimity, we’ll be doing a similar exploration of Happy Belly in the weeks to come. But for now, I have one message for our readers and fans across the world: rejoice! It’s been tough telling many of these potential customers that Equanimity is out of their reach if they don’t live in California. By the middle of this year, you’ll be able to order Happy Belly directly from our website, and we’ll also be looking to move onto store shelves as well, too. So stay tuned.



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