Permaculture #2: Principles of Permaculture in life & creativity

by | Jan 20, 2019

Permaculture is a set of design principles centered around whole systems thinking simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and resilient features observed in natural ecosystems. 

 In this series of blogs which breakdown the 12 principles of permaculture; Medicine Box goes into an exploratory adventure within the permaculture pendulum, identifying how each principle influences and inspires its evolution, from soil, to oil and beyond


Principles of Permaculture in LIFE & CREATIVITY

Applying the principles of permaculture isn’t just for the garden or at the farm. You can apply them in your personal and professional life for an added bonus to your own creativity and achievements.  While the permaculture principles were designed to work within nature and not against it, it is a good reminder to us all that WE can be more like nature.  The great mystic philosopher and spiritual teacher OSHO claimed that if you act in harmony with nature, than you are energized from it.  When nature gives us energy, it brings us closer to a creative consciousness that is not forced.  To be creative brings us closer to the present moment.  Being in the present moment sharpens mindfulness, which is a founding ethos of the Medicine Box brand.


Permaculture Principle 2:  Catch and Store Energy


Applying this principle to the farm, could be a range of things from building a compost bin, a soil pile, rainwater catchment systems, or even harvesting fruits, produce and of course cannabis.  These resources can be further processed into energy in the form of living soil, food to nourish our bodies, and cannabis tinctures that enhance our health and wellbeing.  This can also be metaphorically applied in the form of reading and meditating every morning.  The more we read, the more we store energy in the form of learning.  When we meditate in the morning, our bodies catchment system is fully open to storing the silent moments in the form of grounded energy. This, we may apply as the day goes on to combat stressful moments, or to access our subtle creativity during decision making moments.  Our founder is a firm believer in meditating and reading every morning to start his day.


Energize and Revitalize


We can receive energy directly from nature, but we can also be like nature when that is not an option.  Nature has no boundaries, so why should we when discovering new ways to energize?
Many people don’t have the luxury to spend time in nature everyday, but we can revitalize from our stored energy within to fuel our creativity, make sound decisions and enhance our collective consciousness which in totality is a process, not a thing.
Just as nature is a random process of evolution, so are WE.  How are you becoming more like nature?

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