Medical Cannabis in Gold Country

by Oct 19, 2018

Medicine Box  is a cannabis company headquartered in Lake Tahoe with gardens and production sites throughout Nevada County. Once the largest city in California during the Gold Rush, Nevada County is  poised for another boom… albeit one greener in color.

Perched on the western foothills of the Sierra Mountains, Nevada County has a unique microclimate of dry air and ample winter rain perfect for cannabis cultivation. Crop staples are Sour Diesel and Afgoo, Afgoo is an indica which is particularly well suited to California’s Mediterranean climate. To ensure the most control in their “soil to oil” philosophy, a majority of their marijuana is grown in large mixed light greenhouses. Crop cultivator Ben says of the greenhouses all natural lighting: “there is no competing with the sun.” “So many businesses you can look at don’t benefit their community, humanity or the planet.” -Founder Brian Chaplin Mornings for Medicine Box founder Brian Chaplin, are spent walking the mountains behind his home with his dog. Looking out onto majestic Lake Tahoe and reflecting on his own path to healing. These morning walks helped him put the pieces of Medicine Box together—particularly its mission of “mindful cultivation and innovation.” “So many businesses you can look to don’t benefit their community, humanity or the planet,” says Brian.

With Medicine Box all of their cannabis is grown organically while extractions and infusions are made in house. The  company  offers savory edibles instead of sugary chocolate-coated treats that can increase inflammation for patients. Medicine Box is currently working with geneticists and caregivers to include more strains of CBD in hopes their nursery assists families with children who suffer from epilepsy. A portion of their harvest plan in 2017 will be cultivated for families with severe cases that often require $3,000- $5,000 a month in medical cannabis tinctures.

Brian credits the early success of Medicine Box to his team. “People work with me not for me.” Operating a medicinal cannabis business in Nevada County in early 2016 was a risky endeavor as the county had just banned outdoor grows (the decision was voted on and overturned in June 2016 and California legalized recreational marijuana in November 2016). Brian jokes, “We like our coffee, our wine, our cannabis. The California lifestyle is not going out of style anytime soon.” Medicine Box will continue to  perfect  its medicinal offerings of tinctures, flowers, concentrates and savory edibles. Learn more at their blog: 

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