Goo Drop Truffles from Medicine Box

by | Sep 23, 2018

This Goo is for you…

Normally the mere mention of goo can send one retching with horror. But as soon as you introduce a little vanilla here and some strawberry over there and oh, what’s that? Just a bit of CO2 extracted cannabis oil to elevate your goo and what’s that your putting it in? Oh, just a small and charming box that is reminiscent of something an engagement ring would be placed in and why shouldn’t it be inside a ring box? After all there is no more perfect of a union than that of the adult homo genus and his or her quality edible.

These alluring  Goo Drop  truffles from  Medicine Box  come in four servings, each medicine box containing a total of 40 mgs of THC. Flavors range from  Mint Espresso to  Coconut Goji Berry, each made specifically for a range of ailments or states of mind and each hit high notes in taste to boot. Goo has finally been given the dignity and purpose it deserves. Molded into a verifiable wonder treat by the combination of indulgent flavors and healing Gold Country Afgoo canna-oil.

Sometimes the very best things come in small boxes.

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