Medicine Box Monday Presents: Gold Mountain Distribution

by Jan 29, 2018

For our behind the scenes feature this week, we would like to highlight our newest innovative collaboration with Gold Mountain Distribution. The opportunities this partnership brings forth are very exciting and look forward to our blossoming relationship. Without further ado, we bring you the story of Gold Mountain Distribution and Medicine Box!

Alignment and Core Values

Alignment with our core values is essential for our collaborative partnerships. We are committed to the path that we feel best represents the cannabis culture and our overall brand philosophy. That being said, we’re thrilled to work with a company that displays integrity in the way they represent and promote cannabis. Gold Mountain Distribution are huge supporters of the rural communities who nurtured this movement. They are committed to preserving the cottage homesteaders amidst the legal transitions. As a team, they honor what the industry has been built on and are committed to supporting cottage farmers by maintaining sustainable margins.

unity in the community

The Gold Mountain Distribution Team

Ariana Moise and Michael Ramirez combined their vast skillset and founded Gold Mountain Distribution in 2017. Although the company itself is newly operating, it was built on decades of experience owning and operating businesses. Compliance specialty is a tool they share, and they deploy these measures across the board of Gold Mountain Distribution.

Mr. Ramirez is currently working regulatory aspects in both the fire service and as a State Certified Contractor. His experience ensures Gold Mountain Distribution is fully compliant, licensed, and highly recognized. Public and community safety come first and as the founder, Mr. Ramirez takes all the necessary precautions to promote this in his local community of Sacramento and throughout the state.

Ariana Moise is a cannabis industry expert with over two decades of hands-on horticulture
design and compliance implementation for cannabis farmers. Moise’s success in the cannabis field is largely due to how she employs her knowledge of compliance and the relationships she upholds in the cannabis community. She feels compliance can be a platform for a model of sustainability that prioritizes people and quality over profits.

Medicine Box is extremely honored to be one of the brands they carry. We are aligned with their mission to hold safety and compliance the highest regard. Lifting the farmer up and keeping people over profits is music to our ears!

Unity In The Community

As fellow Sierra Nevada Foothill representatives, we are excited that this partnership is representing our community in a sustainable way. The Gold Mountain Distribution headquarters is in Sacramento, California but they work throughout the state. They are specifically supportive of the Nevada County region, as the appellations there produce some of the finest craft cannabis in the state of California. Collaboration, not competition has been a steady message in this region and our alignment with Gold Mountain Distribution is just one of the many partnerships we seek to bring quality products statewide.

If there is a dispensary that you love, and you’d like to see the Medicine Box full product line-up in that collective, we are accessible through Gold Mountain Distribution! Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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