From The Roots To The Fruits: Exploring The Cannabis Ecosystem

by Aug 12, 2017

Have you ever thought about what’s under your feet as you walk through the forest? An entire world and ecosystem is right below you, at all times!

To better understand and relate to that ecosystem, picture your nervous system. The central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and peripheral nervous system serve as the bodies internal gauge of our reality. When something occurs in our outer world, take weather for instance, how we experience it has to do what our internal gauge relays to us. Whether that be an emotional reaction (stress, joy, or frustration,) or a more palpable reaction like joint pain manifested in cold temperatures, our body is constantly taking in information and responding to it in some way.

Now, think of that same nervous system, but in the plant kingdom. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yes, the roots are their system! Now come with us on a journey from the roots to the fruits to explore the dynamic cannabis ecosystem.

Gorilla Glue cannabis strain
Living soil infusion mat
Afgoo strain roots

“What is below, is as above.” Brian Chaplin (Medicine Box Founder)

Lessons in Nature

No matter what the climate is, the natural world has a system in place for optimal nutrient and water intake that might blow your mind! All plant species that coexist with one another, have a purpose that serves for creating synergy within their environment.

Whether in high elevation with abundant snow or rainfall, or sea level with morning fog and minimal rain, the ecosystems for nutrient and water intake are quite similar. At the floor of the forest there are low growing plants that help maintain moisture in the soil. At the base of the plants, in the rhizosphere, fungus thrives since that is where the most moisture lies. Fungus plays a major role in linking the different species of plants and their root systems, help plants absorb water and provide nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen. This relates to cultivating cannabis and other crops because organic nutrients are key to healthy, fully expressed plants. We are constantly learning and applying techniques taught straight from nature.

forest mushrooms
fungi on soil

Nutrient Uptake

When cultivating organically, we are essentially mimicking nature and it’s natural way of maintaining growth and life. How we do that is by feeding the plants through the soil to reach their root system. One of our beloved grow sites, The Temple, is a living soil infusion mat, meaning that the whole floor is soil and clover. The entire 2500 square foot specialty 1C cottage grow is treated as one big pot. The root systems intertwine laterally, connecting every plant to their neighboring plant as well as the plant on the opposite side of the greenhouse. Clover acts just as the low growing plants in the forest do and provide water retention throughout the entire Temple.

The rhizosphere is the zone that directly connects the root zone to the top soil. This is where the most successful uptake of nutrients take place. By feeding the soil all 161 plants that exist within the canopy can access the nutrients that they need. Soil health= plant health. Plant health=a healthy endocannabinoid system.

From Soil To Oil

Soil To Oil is our company philosophy and where everything begins. How we treat the soil is a direct example of how we treat the earth, with intention and care. We use innovative practices to guarantee complete quality control throughout the supply chain to the end user. Soil To Oil is the action we take to ensure that our organic and sustainable cultivation techniques have minimum environmental impact while delivering the cultural and social message to the end user. If you would like to know more about our Soil To Oil philosophy and the innovative techniques we deploy tune in live (MB Facebook and/or IG live ) on Sunday and listen to our founder, Brian Chaplin for his discussion on permaculture in the city taking place at the Emerald Exchange.

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