Medicine Box Monday: Tahoe Lifestyle Edition

by Jun 19, 2017

Our weekly Monday tradition continues! Today we bring you behind the scenes of the Tahoe lifestyle, and the great influence it has on our brand. Hold on tight as we take you on the adventurous ride through the mountain peaks to the depths of the deep blue, and all the places in between!

Mountain Life

After a winter of 15-foot snow banks and week-long power outages, we are left with white peaks, rapidly flowing rivers, and full lakes. On a given day you can ski on the snow and the water, hike through snow patches shirtless to climb in the blazing sun, or sit on the beach and witness the numerous activities swirling around you. There is never a dull moment in this dynamic mountain town. How does all of this relate to Medicine Box you ask? Let me tell you!

For the body to perform at full capacity through all of these strenuous activities, optimal health is essential. Some key elements to optimal health include; mind state, mental and physical awareness, strength and stabilization, and muscle recovery. When designing our products we had all of these things in mind. Specific strains, approachable dosage, and functional ingredients are a few key players involved in the creation process. These elements are important because they allow full optimization of the medical cannabis in addition to the food as medicine. Full absorption of medicine = ability to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

climb tahoe

Daily Medicine Box Rituals: Tahoe Style

Our three product lines are designed to work cohesively with each other. We urge our patients to create a ritual with their medicine ingestion. Incorporating all three for a Tahoe athlete or professional might look like; tinctures in the morning, Medicine Bars in the afternoon, and Chocolate Truffles in the evening. Although the tinctures are made with Gold Country Afgoo (an indica dominant hybrid,) taking a low or micro dose (10 drops= 2.5 mg THC) in the morning can serve as a catalyst for clear thinking and sustained energy.

For the afternoon pick-me-up while you’re out on the slopes, kayaking on the lake, or mountain biking through the trees, our Sour Diesel Medicine Bars give you the energetic lift you need to keep going. These medicated snacks pack a load of nutrients and good fats that help sustain focused energy.

At the end of an active day when your mind and body are ready to rest, wind down with a decadent chocolate truffle. These nutrient-rich chocolate truffles assist in relaxation and rest — two very key elements necessary for muscle recovery. In addition to the truffles, our Movement tincture targets inflammation in muscles, joints, and ligaments and it’s great for treating sore, overworked muscles.

I Left My Heart In Tahoe

Now that you’ve had a glimpse of this magical place we call home, you too have a little piece of our heart and soul. So much of Tahoe lives in our brand, and we are immensely grateful to be able to share our love for our home through Medicine Box. For more on Tahoe lifestyle as it relates to cannabis, check out this blog from way back when.

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