Medicine Box Monday: One Year Anniversary of our Brand Launch

by | Jun 12, 2017

The 2017 NCIA Cannabis Business Summit and Expo marks the one year anniversary of Medicine Box. A little over a year ago we were fortunate enough to lock down one of the last available booths at the expo in Oakland, California. It was our first event as Medicine Box and our first introduction to the cannabis industry. The event was the perfect ground to launch our brand and share our story with other cannabis entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. The event attracts the best and the brightest cannabis professional from across the country and we were thrilled to join their ranks. We launched what has become a multifaceted, vertically integrated, collaborative and innovative cannabis brand.

Events like this one are pretty special. They are a breeding ground for new partnerships, collaborations, and friendships. It creates the perfect setting for connecting and collaborating with the now widespread cannabis community. For us, our first experience was no different. The 2016 NCIA Expo introduced us to a number of businesses and individuals who turned into friends and partners.

medicine box one year anniversary

Medicine Box One Year Later

Fast forward a year – the Medicine Box brand has come a long way. We have three well-established product lines that are each developing their fair share of enthusiastic, return patients. These products are carried in dispensaries all over the state. We’ve refined our mission to focus on educating patients and creating enjoyable, approachable products. Our mission has also grown to include helping the families of catastrophically ill children who have limited access to medicine through our partnership with The Caladrius Network. Our reach continues to grow and we are dedicated to the integrity of our work through mindful cultivation and innovation.

We are excited to be back for this year’s expo and we can’t wait to see what’s in store! We would love to meet you, share our products and find new ways to collaborate. Come see us at booth #414!