Our Founder Pays Tribute to Chris Cornell

by May 24, 2017

An open letter from your founder.

Last week’s untimely death of one of rock music’s greatest voices, Chris Cornell, struck an E minor chord amongst fans, artists, and the Medicine Box tribe.

In conceptualizing the Medicine Box brand, it was my goal to explore how holistic health and wellness align with medicinal cannabis. This was where our mission statement “mindful cultivation and innovation” was born.

The Risks of SSRIs and Benzodiazepines

In my personal journey of healing and recovering from my own past addictions, I utilized a low-dose SSRI at the recommendation of my physician. However, those drugs were clearly masking and sometimes intensifying the very symptoms that I was trying to manage; I knew there had to be an alternative.

Despite the serious and potentially deadly side effects, the use of antidepressants has increased by 400% in the past 30 years. Today, 11% of all Americans over the age of 12 take antidepressants, but 1/3 of the people taking them haven’t seen a mental health professional in the past year. (Source: CDC.)

It has been public knowledge that Chris had been taking Ativan, a benzodiazepine, and experienced intense harmful side effects which led to him taking his own life. Some of the side effects of Ativan include but are not limited to paranoia, suicidal thoughts, slurred speech, and impaired judgment.

Image source: Chris Cornell

It is my personal experience that the combination of being in recovery and taking prescription drugs can be a slippery slope. The death of Chris, whose musical talent has inspired one of my other great passions, guitar playing, has further verified the importance of finding an alternative to over-prescribed pharmaceuticals. This tragedy has strengthened Medicine Box’s mission to educate people on alternatives to traditional drugs.

Since Chris was a public figure, his story is in the spotlight.  What about the 11% of Americans that are NOT in the spotlight but are struggling in the same ways? The majority of these patients have never been given an alternative to western medications, let alone safe access to them.

Alternatives to Pharmaceuticals

I use whole plant medicine as a daily supplement, as well as other mindful practices. This gives me the chance to infuse the creative evolution of Medicine Box with my personal experience. After 9 months of transition, with the support of whole plant medicine, I have successfully crossed the bridge from a daily SSRI medication to a whole plant, medicinal CBD-THC supplement.

It is my intention, through the loss of the big voice from the Northwest, to empower YOU to look beyond the surface of this tragedy and compassionately educate yourself about this public health issue. This is MY personal journey, from the ongoing road to recovery, that I am openly sharing with you through education, advocacy, and experience.

Experience leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to power. I am not only the founder of Medicine Box but also one of the 11%.

R.I.P. Chris Cornell, July 20, 1964-May 17, 2017

Your Founder,


**We understand that many people find SSRIs helpful. This post is not meant to discourage anyone from using the treatment that works best for their individual needs, nor is it meant to diagnose or treat any illness. If you or a loved one experience any harmful side effects from your medications, please seek medical help immediately.

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