Medicine Box Monday: All About Medicine Bars

by May 15, 2017

For today’s installation of Medicine Box Monday, we take a closer look at one of our product lines. Our Medicine Bars, which come in three different savory flavors, are one of my favorite products.

Inspiration Behind Medicine Bars

When Medicine Box did our initial R & D, we knew we wanted to create a product that was different. We wanted to give patients a wider variety of edibles than just the traditional sweets. (We still love sweets, but we wanted to give people choices.) So we wanted to give people a low-sugar option. Something with a different flavor profile, something a bit healthier to snack on, something that works for those with a restricted diet whether it be vegan, gluten-free, diabetic, or paleo. We wanted to create a wholesome, nutritious option to fill the void in the market for a healthy, savory edible that still tastes great.

What Goes into Medicine Bars?

We created three different flavors for our savory nut bars: Smoked Almond, Spiced Peanut and Curry Cashew. The beauty of these tasty bars is in the simplicity of their ingredients. In fact, you can pretty much decipher everything in them just by looking at them! Seeds, nuts, spices, brown rice syrup, Sour Diesel infused coconut oil, love, and intention are blended together to create the perfect medicated midday snack. Keeping with the integrity behind our cultivation practices, all the ingredients in Medicine Bars are of the highest quality, organic and locally sourced.

Girl eating Medicine Box truffles
girl eating medicine box's bars

We chose sativa to enhance the energy-boosting effects of the nuts and seeds. Wholesome vegan fats and protein combine with the uplifting and euphoric effects of Sour Diesel to make this a go-to snack for any daytime activity. Hiking, biking, skiing – any activity where you need an extra burst of energy and a happy, relaxing, uplifting high.

Medicine Bars are for Microdosing

Medicine Box places importance on creating edibles that are enjoyable and approachable. At only 20 milligrams in a whole bar, these can be enjoyed by first-time cannabis users or those looking to enjoy smaller doses throughout the day. We suggest a quarter bar, 5 milligrams, as a serving size. This way, you can munch a whole bar throughout the day and avoid over medicating and feeling TOO high.

There you have it. Healthy, wholesome, simple, mouth-watering and energizing. We hope you love our bars as much as we loved creating them. Click here to see where you can find us and pick some up today! Ask your budtenders to stock Medicine Bars if your favorite dispensary doesn’t carry them yet!

To learn more about Sour Diesel, the strain used in these bars, check out this strain spotlight!

Medicine Box's bars