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Today is the one-year anniversary of our blog. When we set up our website on April 20th, 2016, we had no idea what to expect. Over the past year, we’ve received an incredible amount of support from the cannabis community as we launched our brand and defined ourselves as a company.

We’ve had some amazing opportunities in the past year, and we’re grateful for all of them. We’re grateful for everyone who came out to vote to protect our access to cannabis, whether they voted to defeat Measure W last June or to pass Prop. 64 in November. We’re grateful for everyone who shared their stories with us and allowed us to learn from their experiences. We’re also grateful for our families, friends, and collaborators who supported us from the very beginning.

We’re grateful for everyone who came before us and helped make cannabis what it today by fighting prohibition, conducting research to prove cannabis has medicinal value, bravely using themselves as guinea pigs, and spreading accurate information about this often misunderstood plant.

To celebrate our first anniversary, we put together a list of our favorite posts from the past year. This represents the best of Medicine Box, but we’re going to continue our practice of mindful cultivation and innovation and make the next year even better.

Who We Are

  1. From Soil to Oil
  2. Working on a Farm: Building a Deeper Respect for the Cannabis Business
  3. Medicine Box Monday: Gold Country Afgoo
  4. Introducing Our Founder

Why We Chose Cannabis

  1. Caladrius Network Collaboration
  2. Removing Fear Of Cannabis Culturally
  3. Cannabis Bill of Rights
  4. The Anti-Propaganda, Part 2
  5. Questions About Cannabis — And Answers!

How to Safely Use Cannabis

  1. 3 Steps for New Medical Cannabis Patients
  2. A 9 Step Guide to Mindfully Consuming Cannabis
  3. Cannabis Helps Me Sleep
  4. Cannabis vs. Pharmaceuticals: Tahoe Edition
  5. Guide to Choosing Your Medicine: Part 1
  6. How To Create a Ritual With Your Cannabis Consumption
  7. Mindful Cannabis Consumption or That Time My Boss Drugged Me
  8. The Importance of Lab Testing
  9. Treating Parkinson’s Disease with Cannabis

Thanks for being here with us. We’d love to get to know you, so please tell us more about you and your interest in cannabis in the comments.

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  1. Hey team, I am an organic farmer living in Nevada City and I have been hearing about Medicine Box for a while now. I am realizing that I am tired of trying to run my entire business alone and wondering if y’all are looking to incorporate more farms into the project. I am also en route to becoming and Ayurvedic practitioner and really want to integrate my understanding of the disease process and other medicinal herbs with cannabis. I’m looking to collaborate with other like minded folks in the industry and curious if there might be space for me within the Medicine Box? Thanks for doing what you do! Many Blessings, Luke

    1. Hi Luke,

      Thanks for getting in touch with us — we’re going to respond to you via email.

      Talk soon!

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