Medicine Box Monday: Introducing Our Founder

by Mar 13, 2017

We are super excited to introduce the visionary behind Medicine Box! Our founder, Brian, holds the container in which we exist, and he does it damn well! He oversees all projects at Medicine Box and acts as the fearless leader and motivator for the Medicine Box Tribe.

Brian’s Inspiration

Brian was born and raised in New Hampshire where he developed his passion for the outdoor lifestyle and environmental studies. Nature was always a place where he could be entirely himself. Today, being outside remains a key part of his daily routine. As a 15 year resident of Tahoe and an active Nevada County member for seven years, Brian lives the California lifestyle. He was first introduced to Tahoe by his parents who lived out here in the 70’s and he was instantly struck by its beauty. One visit convinced him that he needed to live here.

In 2002, Brian obtained a degree in environmental studies at University of Vermont and promptly moved out west. Once in Tahoe, he used his life skills and education to create opportunities in his areas of interest: food and beverage and plants. Those opportunities brought him to the San Francisco Bay area where he was introduced to indoor cultivation. His early cultivation partners remain some of his closest friends and most of them continue to influence the cannabis industry.

The dawn at Lake Tahoe

Brian decided he wanted to take cannabis to the next level so he moved from indoor grows to mixed light greenhouses and full-season outdoor cannabis. After eight seasons of year-round cultivation, Brian started dreaming up ways to create a more sustainable, and environmentally responsible way of conducting business. In 2015, the vision for Medicine Box began and “Mindful Cultivation and Innovation” was birthed. Since then he has been the frontman guiding our tribe into the industry and pushing Medicine Box to respect the culture of cannabis and be socially responsible in this new industry.

“California lifestyle is not going out of style anytime soon; we love our wine, coffee, healthy farm to table food, cannabis, and the state of California.” -Brian (Founder of Medicine Box.)

A Day In The Life In The Cannabis Industry

On any given day, Brian could be one of three places: Tahoe, Grass Valley, or the Bay. When waking up at his beautiful Tahoe home, his mornings consist of walking his Alaskan husky on a trail with a breathtaking view of the lake. He has a mindful practice that consists of Qigong, meditation, and “unplugging” from technology until he has taken care of his personal needs.

As the glue for all aspects of this business, his mornings are a way for him to prepare so he can be fully present and grounded when making decisions for the company. He often drives down to Grass Valley, where his time is valued by all of our cultivators. He oversees all properties and grow schedules while the cultivation team takes care of the daily tasks at hand. Brian put a great deal of thought and intention into the development of his team from the growers to brand managers and everyone in between. Because of his trust in the team, we are able to move the business forward while he handles the vision and soul behind what we do.

The creation of Medicine Box is his way of giving back to all that came before him in this movement. It is important to him that we pay homage to the first, second and third generation farmers that have carried the plant through hard times, so that we could arrive at the place we are now. As cannabis culture continues to evolve, you can rely on Brian and his team to honor and respect the way the plant wants to be known. He is an incredible ally and advocate in the cannabis community, and if you happen to catch him on the go, say hello and spark up a conversation! He is a well of knowledge and huge asset to our team and greater cannabis circles statewide. For more on our dynamic team, stay tuned in the weeks ahead.


The Medicine Box Tribe

Our founder and his team

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