Knowledge Is Power: Removing Fear Of Cannabis Culturally

by Mar 19, 2017

There are so many different avenues that fear can play a role in when it comes to cannabis use.

Whether you had a personal negative experience with the law or lived through the decades of prohibition, my guess is, most of us have had a traumatic experience around the use or cultivation of cannabis. Many people have been drug tested for most of their adult life and a positive test for cannabis, could cost someone their job. Or how about the growers and carriers of the medicine throughout the years of prohibition? The highest of risks were in this area, in a market that has been illegal up until now. Families were separated, houses and funding ceased, and then comes the complete rebuilding of everything they once had. Even being witness to events such as these can create a negative story and substantial fear of what could happen if something goes wrong. I bring up these instances not to evoke more fear, but rather awareness of the societal repercussions that may have played a large role in the development of fear or lack of trust in the plant. In this article, we’ll address how times are rapidly evolving, and how to support the transition to a legal market so that users and growers alike feel safe and heard..

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Keep It Local

By focusing on the community that you know well, it strengthens the voice of the people. There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to federal legalization and what that could look like. In my experience, focusing on that piece of legality can create a lot of anxiety and unnecessary fear around what’s happening RIGHT NOW. This is a big year for policy statewide, and keeping the focus on what is important for a local ordinance to reflect clarity and intention moving forward. First as a county, second as a state, and last on a federal level. For patients or those curious about policy; stay up to date on your local county ordinances. Many counties are holding informational workshops to move forward in a good way. If you’re in Nevada County, Truckee’s third Cannabis workshop is next month. This is a great opportunity to voice any fears, hear from cannabis professionals around the subject, and get feedback from local policy creators. Your local ordinances are the most accurate for how policy change affects you and your family. For cultivators and business owners; stick with it! Be a voice for your local growers’ alliance, show up and be a source for information, and ease into any transitions you’re currently going through in adapting to new policies. Have faith in the plant and your connection to it, it will certainly guide the way.

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Education Is Key

We will absolutely go more in-depth on this subject in the upcoming weeks. This is, in my opinion, the most important element of letting go of fear. First, there needs to be openness to receiving information that may be contradictory to what you have believed up until this point. Good practice around this is the trading judgment for curiosity. Curiosity doesn’t mean that you’re folding and your views and opinions don’t matter, it just allows for conversation and perhaps a shift in perspective to occur.

Education is an umbrella for everything! A common thread I’ve noticed is those who have the least knowledge on the subject, tend to have the greatest fear. Knowledge will set you free. This is true for the youth as well. We need to educate our youth on the difference between recreational and medical cannabis. Keeping them in the dark allows them to access their own information that may not be credible sources. I know this can be a triggering subject, but the more they know, the deeper their respect and understanding will be. If having a conversation with your child around cannabis is a scary thing, we would like to support you. Please comment below or email us directly at This piece is extremely important, stay tuned for more on how to talk to your kids this month!

Be Compliant

I know this is a lofty statement at this point in time, but we have a couple of states ahead of us that we can look to for what has worked and what has failed. By choosing to be compliant, you are making a statement that legal operation is a priority. I understand the challenge that we are in a tremendous transition period in regards to compliances county to county and statewide. Following regulations that have not yet been put in place or enforced, causes us to be constantly on our toes. Being ahead of the game will set us up for success. This is also the blueprint for clean medicine to be accessible to all patients, medical and recreational alike. Clean medicine is by far the most important, and the compliances on the horizon are to support that access. Clean medicine= trust. With trust, there is little room for fear.

Unfortunately, we’re living in times that everything has to be extremely regulated, look at our food for example. The fact the GMO’s are a real thing says a lot about the harmful substances that can and will be put on the crop. We want our compliances to reflect natural, clean medicine, from the earth, not that of the pharmaceutical industry. By being on top of taking care of the plants from soil to oil, to the consumer, we are holding ourselves responsible for patients to be safe. Safety= transparency the more transparent we are and the more credit and honor the medicine carries.

Stay Informed

We will continue to provide knowledge and information on the subject of regulations, in addition to therapeutic uses, and personal experiences. Our team at Medicine Box takes a stance for all people to feel heard and safe in their relationship to cannabis. Our weekly blog is a great source for information, so please keep joining us for more. CannaRegs is a subscription-based service and is up to date on the latest regulations and implementations of law. In addition, Cannabis Business Law is a great source for county-specific licensing and regulations. We understand the stigma and fear that has been built up for decades around this plant and want to be a resource and support system in those belief systems softening into a trusting, reliable state.


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