Cannabis Education: The Weekly News Round-Up

Cannabis Education: The Weekly News Round-Up

Every week we share our favorite cannabis news and research. We’d love to see your favorites as well — please share them with us in the comments or on our Facebook page.

1. Lousy Federal Weed Production Holds Back Research

This is so important. There’s so much we still don’t know about cannabis and restrictions on research are only making the situation worse. Cannabis researchers need to be able to study the same products that people are buying from dispensaries. We will not make meaningful progress until cannabis can be easily studied without restrictions from the federal government.

2. Should Medical and Recreational Cannabis Markets Coexist?

Yes, absolutely! While taxes are an important part of a regulated cannabis market, patients should not be forced to pay taxes on any of their medications. We also need to make cannabis accessible for underage patients and their caregivers, something that can be difficult in a recreational market. We need both.

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3. The Importance of Cannabis Testing

Transitioning from the black market to a regulated market means cannabis is much safer for consumers and medical patients. Rigorous testing is probably the best tool we have to show that our products are safe, but what are we testing and what results should you be looking for?

4. Jeff Sessions Explains Why He Opposes Legal Marijuana

Unfortunately, his reasons aren’t grounded in facts. This article breaks down his objections one by one and explains why legalization benefits everyone.

5. Could the Federal Government Really Shutter State Programs?

The short answer is probably not, but they could go after individuals and businesses in the cannabis industry. That means that the industry as a whole will probably come survive any attempts by the federal government to bring us back to prohibition, but your favorite dispensaries, brands, and products might not.

6. Benefits Of Using CBD Tinctures

The article talks about what is a tincture, the benefits of CBD tincture, the variety of preparations and some tips on how to use it and the dosification.

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7. Study Reveals Cannabis Helps 90% Epileptic Patients

An Australian study is reporting remarkable results: 90% of people who tried treating epilepsy with cannabis found that it reduced their seizures. While we still don’t have a cure for epilepsy, which is responsible for one-third of all sudden deaths of children, cannabis is proving to be an effective treatment for many patients.

8. How Does Cannabis Help Treat Nausea?

It’s common knowledge that cannabis effectively treats nausea, but how does it work? Preliminary studies show that the cannabinoids THCV and CBDV are particularly effective at fighting nausea.

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