Medicine Box Monday: Gold Country Afgoo

by Feb 27, 2017

Gold Country Afgoo

The cultivators behind Medicine Box have been growing Afgoo for almost a decade, so it makes perfect sense that our founder gravitated toward this variety of cannabis to become Medicine Box’s flagship strain. Not to mention the fact that the appellation of the Grass Valley / Nevada City area, commonly referred to as Gold Country, is perfect in its elevation, humidity, long wet winters combined with hot dry summers, and exposure to pure sunlight. And with such practical and powerful healing properties as calming, relaxing and pain and stress reduction, this strain, an indica dominant hybrid, is a staple among a number of our infused product lines. We go into more depth about the origin, cultivation process and therapeutic value of Gold Country Afgoo here.

Cannabis plants on a dry area
Cannabis plants on Gold Country

Our Flagship Strain

We use our beloved Afgoo oil in our decadent chocolate truffles; 40 milligram dark and white chocolate truffles, the ultimate treat for unwinding at the end of the day and offering ease of sleep. As mentioned in a previous blog, the six different flavors of truffles were engineered to specifically compliment the unique flavors of the terpene profile found in our Gold Country Afgoo. Our five uniquely blended herbal tinctures are made with fractionalized coconut oil that is infused with Super Critical CO2 Afgoo extract as well. The combination of herbs and Afgoo oil offer relief for of a variety of ailments such as stress, insomnia, and pain in the body – and the healing effects of our Afgoo beautifully deliver.

Our previous line tinctures
Truffles from our previous edibles line

Why Afgoo?

So when asking the question “Why Afgoo?” the answer is simple. This strain’s heritage is in our backyard. Years of developing an understanding through cultivation from a mother plant once removed from Afgoo’s original breeder have created a deep respect and appreciation for this strain among the Medicine Blog Tribe. We want to share our Gold Country Afgoo and its potent power beyond the county in which it thrives and to our friends and patients far and wide!

Gold country afgoo strain profile

For more insights into the hows, whos, and whys of Medicine Box stay tuned for next week’s Medicine Box Monday post!

Peace, love, and ganja!

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