Introducing Medicine Box Monday

by Feb 6, 2017

Medicine Box Monday

This is our first Medicine Box Monday, so I’d like to take a moment to explain what we’re doing. We’ve spent a lot of time building our brand and developing our products, but we’ve always thought of ourselves as more than just a cannabis company. We have a voice in a grassroots movement and we want to influence that movement to reflect our values and the values of the people we serve. We’d like to take some time to share the people and concepts behind Medicine Box. Every Monday we’ll share something from behind the scenes. This is a great way to learn about who we are, both as people and as the creative collective responsible for building Medicine Box. We’ll start off by sharing an article in Dope Magazine with some insight from our founder.

Medicine Box: As Featured in Dope Magazine


We’re so excited to be a featured garden in the February issue of Dope Magazine! Check out what our founder has to say about our soil to oil philosophy and how we implement our mindful cultivation and innovation practices. You can take a look at the full issue — we’re on pages 92-95 in the Northern California issue and pages 94-95 in Southern California version. You can also read the article online.

Caladrius Network Collaboration

As mentioned in Dope, a portion of our harvest will be cultivated for catastrophically ill children. We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with the Caladrius Network, a local organization that works tirelessly to advocate for these children and their families. We believe that every family deserves hope and support. We also believe that cannabis is a vital medicine for many children, so they should have unrestricted access to this life-saving treatment. The Caladrius Network makes every effort to give families the help they need at no cost. We’ll talk more about our partnership with this amazing organization in the coming weeks.

Thanks for joining us for our first Medicine Box Monday! Instagram is another great place to learn about what we do here; we share a lot of candid photos from our lives here in Tahoe and beyond.

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Wildcrafting the right way

Wildcrafting the right way

There’s something to be said for using and harvesting plants and herbs grown in the wild – also known as foraging or wildcrafting. Clearly, a balance must be struck if one is to do it at all. But we at Medicine Box have found that nature does the best R&D imaginable, and if done properly, wildcrafting gives one a golden opportunity to understand a plant’s full curative expression.