A 9 Step Guide to Mindfully Consuming Cannabis

by Jan 26, 2017

Mindful consumption of cannabis edibles

Cannabis has come a long way. We no longer live in the era of homemade, ultra potent mystery brownies that hit you in an unknown amount of time and affect you for anywhere from a few hours to a few days. And while we’ve evolved, those experiences have a way of haunting us. It seems like everyone we discuss edibles with has a horror story to share (check out our very own edible chef’s tale). It’s happened to the best of us. And although your hippie neighbor’s special brownies are no longer the norm, dosage and determining the right amount of cannabis per serving for your needs can be tricky. There is no standardized or regulated way of navigating this process, and some trial and error is often required. But do not fear! Medicine Box has created a helpful guide; 9 steps to assist in the most pleasant edible consumption experience possible.

Medicine Box previous line of cannabis edibles


We have created a comprehensive 9 step Mindful Consumption Guide to walk you through the process of consuming a cannabis edible. It starts with making sure you read and clearly understand the dosage and the suggested serving size and determining what is right for you based on your level of experience. The guide (full image and list of steps below) then covers everything from eating it and mindfully checking in with yourself to assess how you feel to enjoying the benefits of the medicine, and how to learn more about edibles, cannabis and Medicine Box.


As stated above, people are hesitant when it comes to edibles. In fact, some people are terrified. We want to eliminate that fear. We want to re-introduce edibles in a much more enjoyable way. We want new users to feel safe, comfortable, educated and excited when it comes to trying an edible. It’s all about finding the right dose for your specific needs and waiting long enough to feel those effects before consuming more to avoid over medicating. Our guide helps with this process. Our goal is to make it much less scary and much more approachable.


This guide is for those who have had a bad experience, no experience, or just want to learn more about edibles and the consumption process. This guide is also for us. We want to hold ourselves accountable to our patients and customers. We don’t want to simply sell them a product and send them on their way with zero instruction for what to do next. We want people coming back for more, so (without as far as being there physically with our patients) we’ve dedicated to doing as much as we can to make sure their first experience with Medicine Box edibles, or any edibles, is as safe, approachable, mindful, effective and enjoyable as possible.


A key aspect of this guide is the importance of actually reading it before consumption. A lot of edible experiences go south due to poor planning. So we are making our guide as accessible as possible. The guide will be included in the package of every chocolate truffle we sell. Our tinctures also have their own Mindful Consumption and Ritual Guide that will be found in every tincture box. We have recently added a Mindful Cannabis Consumption page to our website with links to each guide as well as helpful articles relating to dosage and what to do if you’ve consumed too much. Additionally, our guides will be available at any of the dispensaries that carry our products.

Remember to educate yourself, medicate responsibly, and trust that a mindful and enjoyable edible experience is possible!

Mindful consumption of cannabis edibles guide


  1. Read dosage and suggested serving size.
  2. Open box and remove your infused treat.
  3. Determine what level of user you are:
    • Novice: Eat 1/4.
    • Intermediate: Eat 1/2.
    • Expert: Eat 3/4 – 1.
  4. Using the score marks on your edible, break off your desired dose.
  5. Place your designated dosage in your mouth and enjoy the delectable goodness.
  6. Ponder or do whatever you wish for 45-60 minutes…perhaps read a Medicine Box blog and educate yourself.
  7. Check in with yourself. How do you feel? More relaxed? At ease? Sleepy? Nothing at all?
  8. Based on your self-assessment, indulge in another 1/4 for amplified effects or simply relax and enjoy the benefits of cannabis.
  9. Share with like-minded humans while educating a novice — see Step 1.

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