Medicine Box 2016: A Year in Review

by Jan 5, 2017

Highlights and Challenges of 2016

2016 was a big year for Medicine Box. Sure it’s the year we curated our top notch team, developed our 3 flagship products, established a growing social media presence, not to mention its the year we launched the Medicine Box brand at the NCIA Expo in June. But 2016 was also a big year for Medicine Box because it was a big year for cannabis. The conversation went completely mainstream, people were having the “weed talk” with their parents and grandparents (check out our Grandmas and Weed blog!), CBD is all over the news, and Nevada County defeated Measure W and its attempt to ban outdoor growing. And not only did Prop 64 pass in California, but now 20% of Americans have access to recreational cannabis. We are overjoyed to be participating in this exciting industry and defining ourselves as not only cultivators and manufacturers but influencers and educators.

Solidifying a Rock Star Team

The biggest asset to any organization is it’s people. Early on in 2016 The Medicine Box Tribe came together. And we could not have accomplished nearly as much as we have without the constant dedication and belief in the vision that our team has. Shout out to our fearless and inspiring leader, our brilliant and resilient master chef and web extraordinaire, and our always positive and driven brand managers. We could not ask for a better tribe.

Medicine Box 2016 team members

Brand Launch: NCIA Expo 2016

The NCIA Business Summit and Expo was our first cannabis event. We didn’t really know what to expect but knew we wanted to make an unforgettable introduction to the industry.

And while there were plenty of ups and downs and minor (and not so minor) crisis in the weeks prior, we managed to pull it all together (thanks to our unstoppable team) and present one of the best booths there, if we do say so ourselves.

NCIA Medicine Box's booth

Measure W

Regulations and local ordinances can be seen as some of the biggest threats or as catalysts for success in the cannabis industry. In this case, Measure W and its proposed ban on outdoor growing in Nevada County was the biggest threat Medicine Box and other local cultivators could encounter. With local government citing only farmers and grows that were negatively affecting the community and environment, they attempted to revoke growing privileges from the entire county. But in this remarkable case, one that hopefully shapes the future of cannabis in Nevada County, the local community rallied together through the “No on W” campaign efforts, resulting in a resounding NO on Measure W and a win for cultivators and the local economy.

The Emerald Cup

This event, so we were told, is the must attend event in California cannabis. So when we realized we did not in fact have a booth (as we had been planning on having for months) it could be seen as our biggest challenge of the year. But we didn’t blink an eye. After an extremely valiant effort from all of our tribe members, we had to face the music; we weren’t going to have a booth at this year’s Emerald Cup. Turns out it was a blessing in disguise. The MB Tribe still went, and upon entering the fair grounds packed with 30,000 cannabis enthusiasts and hundreds of impressive booths and brands, we were grateful for the opportunity to experience the Cup for the first time as attendees and not exhibitors. We were able to soak up (or rather, inhale) all that the event had to offer, leaving us even more prepared and motivated to crush it with our booth at next years event.

Emerald Cup stage on 2016

Looking Forward: 2017

That said, we are so excited to hit the ground running in 2017. 2016 was a year of learning, developing and solidifying. 2017 is the year Medicine Box truly establishes itself as Mindful Cultivators and Innovators. Stay tuned, we cant wait to show you all what this Tribe has in store.

Peace, Love and Ganja,

The Medicine Box Tribe

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