Cannabis Education: The Weekly News Round-Up

by Jan 23, 2017

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1. Chart: Similar Support Levels for Marijuana, Trump in Red States That Voted on Cannabis Measures

While we still don’t know Trump’s plan for cannabis, we do know that Jeff Sessions, his pick for Attorney General, is a threat to legalization. However, large numbers of Trump’s supporters voted to legalize, so may put pressure on the Trump administration to allow states to run their cannabis programs without interference from the federal government. (Eli McVey @ Marijuana Business Daily)

2. Indiana American Legion Pressures State to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Despite the fact that 73% of Indiana residents are in favor of medical marijuana, the Republican-controlled state legislature has shot down every measure related to cannabis. The 84,000 members of Indiana’s American Legion hope to change that. (Mike Adams @ Merry Jane)

3. What the NIDA Isn’t Telling You About Pot and Pregnancy

We never post much about cannabis and pregnancy because there just isn’t a lot of scientific evidence yet. Chris Roberts does a great job of explaining the current (absence of) research without resorting to scare tactics or unverified claims. (Chris Roberts @ High Times)

4. Migraine Headaches

While there still isn’t much scientific research, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that cannabis helps people who suffer from migraines. It helps with migraine triggers such as sleep deprivation, stress, and anxiety, and it also helps with pain. Some people have had success taking small doses as a daily preventative, while other take larger doses at the onset of pain. (Bonni Goldstein @ Project CBD)

5. Scientists to Government: Make it Easier to Study Marijuana

The recent report from the National Academy of Sciences has made it obvious that we need to do more research on cannabis. However, the the restrictions placed on cannabis by the federal government make any research very difficult and that needs to change. (Editorial Board @ The New York Times)

6. How Cannabis Successfully Combats PTSD

A long-awaited clinical study of the effects of cannabis on PTSD is slated to start this month. In the meantime, Herb covers what we’ve learned from anecdotal evidence and animal studies. (Delilah Butterfield @ Herb)

7. The Neuro-Protective Properties of Cannabinoids

Cannabis has several neuroprotective mechanisms and we’re finally starting to study its effects on traumatic brain injuries such as concussions. One study shows that patients who test positive for cannabis have a 2.4% chance of death; patients have who test negative have an 11.5% chance of death. (Bonni Goldstein @ Marijuana)

8. Onward Christian Stoners

While cannabis isn’t widely accepted in the Christian community, there are plenty of believers who see absolutely no conflict between their cannabis use and their faith. (Josiah Hesse @ High Times)

9. Colorado State University Research Proves Value of Cannabis in Treating Multiple Sclerosis

While many people use cannabis to treat multiple sclerosis, there are no studies on how it works. That means that MS patients and their caregivers are relying on anecdotal evidence and trial and error to determine important factors like dosage, strain, delivery method, and side effects. Colorado State University is trying to change that, despite dealing with restrictions from the federal government. (Tyler Koslow @ Merry Jane)

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