Cannabis Education: The Weekly News Round-Up

by Jan 16, 2017

The big news this week is the report from the National Academy of Sciences on the health effects of cannabis. The full report is nearly 400 pages long; fortunately, there are a slew of summaries and responses available. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Can Cannabis Rescue the Opioid Overdose Epidemic in 2017? (High Times) — Preliminary research indicates that low doses of opiates used in conjunction with low doses of cannabis provide relief from pain and reduce the risk of addiction. In keeping with the entourage effect, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

2. More Mainstream Women Are Microdosing Their Way to Happiness (The Kindland) — While there will always be people who prefer dabs and oversized blunts, many women are finding that microdoses of cannabis make their day-to-day routine just a little smoother.

3. Air Force Expands Medical Waivers, No Questions on Prior Marijuana Use (Military) — The Air Force has taken notice of the huge legalization surge; unlike many government agencies, they’ve actually updated their policies. While they still prohibit cannabis use for active members, prior use no longer disqualifies applicants for service.

4. Two-Thirds of Police Say Cannabis Laws Should Be Relaxed, Survey Says (Leafly) — While more conservative than the average citizen, 32% of law enforcement officials are in favor of both adult use and medical cannabis. An additional 37% are in favor of medical marijuana only, and only 30% believe it should be illegal.

5. Marijuana Moderation Is the New Key to Optimal Self-Indulgence (The Kindland) — Here are some great tips for how to indulge in cannabis without exceeding your own comfort levels.

6. PSA: You Cannot Smoke Pot in National Parks, Ever (The Kindland) — National parks are federal land and subject to federal laws, even if that park happens to be in California.

7. How to Find the Best Cannabis Experience and High for You (Leafly) — A few questions to ask yourself so you can optimize you cannabis experience.

8. Telltale Signs of Top Shelf Bud: Never Be Fooled Again (The Kindland) — Quick tips on how to select the best flowers, edibles, and concentrates from the shelves of your favorite dispensary.

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Image credit: The Kindland

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