On Vegas and Being Thankful

by | Nov 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Greetings from the Medicine Box Tribe! It has been quite a busy time for us. We’ve been hard at work preparing for our launch and the Emerald Cup, attending conferences, spending cherished time with our friends and loved ones and of course eating lots of pie.

Our ever constant immersion into the cannabis industry and participation in events, parties and trade shows allows us the opportunity to engage and work with some pretty incredible businesses, teams and individuals, even some dear friends. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and in light of recent current and social justice events we wanted to take the time to appreciate the GOOD that we observe and find ourselves a part of as we continue growing and learning in the cannabis business and in life.

Marijuana Business Conference

The Medicine Box Tribe is fresh from visiting Las Vegas for the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo at the Rio. We are still somewhat new to the expos and shows in this industry, and this was our first time simply attending a show as opposed to exhibiting in a booth. I think I can speak for the whole team in saying we enjoyed the having the time to explore the expo at our own pace, seek out those we wanted to learn more about, attend speakers and workshops and visit booths that sparked our interest.

And while there were hundreds of booths, row after row congested with cannabis new comers, media, buyers, those already killing the game, great speakers, and a little bit of Vegas fun – what really stood out to us was the handful of truly genuine, dedicated brands and individuals that we came across and spent time with. We had deep conversations about the history of this sacred plant and the medicine it can provide, tactical discussions on the importance of taking your time and perfecting your processes, and on moving into a space where testing is king and organic products have a value that speaks for itself. We experienced an overwhelming energy of collaboration within these people their brands to do things RIGHT, a noble responsibility that is up to us.

Inspiration for the Future

It us  up to us to operate in such a way that sets an example to all future entrepreneurs attempting to hop on the green band wagon. As California makes the transition to Adult Use, now more than ever is there an opportunity for those in the industry to refine their best practices, continue operating mindfully and with integrity, honoring the plant, mother earth and our resources. These are the influencers and companies that will withstand time and prove successful. And we want to express how very thankful we are for your contributions to the planet, society, and this ever changing and unpredictable industry.

Special shout out to Dope Magazine, Palm Springs Safe Access, Temple Extracts, ShowGrow, Bloomfield, Monarch Distribution and many others that we met and saw at the MJ Biz Con. We are thankful for you, what you do, and for keepin’ it real. Shout out to Lake Tahoe and Gold Country, our tribe is thankful for abundant trees, fresh water, nutrient rich soil and endless beauty.