Quality of Healing: Cannabis as a Powerful Tool

by Aug 10, 2016

There has been a lot of conversation about alternative methods of healing within our tribe, with an emphasis on cannabis. We have delved deep into cannabis pharmacology by doing our own personal research on pharmaceuticals, herbs, and other forms of treatment, in addition to sourcing knowledge from two of the elders within our collective. As our previous post stated, we are looking into the use of herbs as antidepressants. This is an important topic for our crew because we want to make sure we’re sharing accurate information about how to get the maximum benefits from cannabis. This post will discuss healing the body, mind, and spirit with cannabis.

Cannabis for Healing

Depression is an example of a psychological imbalance that is difficult to bring back to neutral. It is a condition that we want to shed light on because it affects a large portion of the population and can often go unnoticed, even by those who know the affected person most intimately. Treatment for depression and other psychological imbalances often only mask the problem with pharmaceuticals without addressing the root of the condition. Most people try multiple different treatments without success, which can be incredibly discouraging, especially for someone already dealing with depression.

Don’t lose hope though, cannabis might be an alternative to pharmaceutical antidepressants. Like any strong method of healing, sometimes symptoms seem to exacerbate before they get better. You don’t always find it on the first try, so be persistent and remain open to the possibility that there is a strain and method of use that is right for you.

I hope this post encourages you to get past any discomfort you may feel when you start using cannabis medicinally. Cannabis can be a strong ally within you, to support on your path to healing. All elements of your being — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual — are intertwined when it comes to the challenging and rewarding choice to heal. You do not need to experience depression to understand the feeling of frustration and discomfort that pain causes. If cannabis does nothing but elevate your mood, that is a strong first step in my opinion.

Clarity of Mind

A clear state of mind is vital for the body to establish the process of healing on all levels. Since THC has psychoactive effects, cannabis can be a powerful yet daunting tool, especially you are trying to address a physiological or emotional imbalance. It helps to begin using cannabis with as much clarity and intention as possible. Strive for a state of calm and acceptance and set your intentions before moving forward.

For example, your intention may be to:

  • Nurture my anxiety with the help of cannabis, and get to know the medicine so I trust it completely to be my ally.
  • Allow my body to rest and heal after my knee surgery, maintaining peace of mind and acceptance throughout the discomfort.
  • Calm nausea and discomfort so I can enjoy food and eating.

I find that a clear intention eases the feelings of discomfort, uneasiness, or lack of control, allowing you to focus on healing. Each individual path to wellness is unique, so there is no one size fits all map. Be patient with yourself and the process, you are not alone.

Why People Use Cannabis

I recently spoke to some loved ones, one a physical therapist and one dealing with diabetes and the associated joint pain and inflammation, about their relationship with medicinal cannabis. These conversations confirmed that no one path is alike. I found both of their perspectives valuable, even though they come from opposite sides of the spectrum when using cannabis as a healing tool.

The physical therapist has noticed many of his patients using medical marijuana instead of opiates during the physical rehabilitation process. His patients have reported less pain and a state of well-being during recovery. Cannabis seems to make it easier to accept that the body is doing all that it can to heal.

And the dear friend with joint pain and inflammation has had multiple knee surgeries and reported that cannabis is the only medicine that allows her to get a full night’s sleep. I asked her about the difference between using cannabis and taking the painkillers that she was prescribed. She took the opiates every 4 hours and was still unable to sleep the whole night, but she reported, “A few puffs of a bowl before bed allows the nervous system to calm, without stimulating fear of pain that will wake me up.” She had a clear idea of how much (or how little) cannabis she needed to help her body and mind be still. These are a few success stories of the beauty and subtleties that can occur when using cannabis as medicine.

How I Developed a Healing Relationship with Cannabis

Have you used cannabis to heal? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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