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by | Jul 4, 2016

Cannabis cocktails for the 4th of July

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Try These Festive Cannabis-Infused Cocktails for the 4th of July

This Independence Day, take advantage of your freedom with these sweet, summery cannabis-infused sippers designed to get you through the holiday weekend heat. All you’ll need is a batch of cannabis tincture and the ingredients below.

Each cocktail is designed to contain a standard recreational tincture dose of about 10 milligrams; use half of this amount if you are unsure of your tolerance, or if you are unsure of the strength of your tincture. The volume of tincture you add will vary depending on how concentrated it is; as a general rule, the more concentrated the tincture, the better it works for mixology.

cannabis and alzheimers

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Marijuana Compound Removes Alzheimer’s Plaque from Brain Cells

The researchers took human neurons that they grew in a lab and altered them so that they created the plaque buildup (comprised of proteins such as beta-amyloid). The researchers then subjected the neurons to amounts of THC and other marijuana compounds.

What they found was that not only did the THC cause a breakdown of the protein buildup, but a reduction in inflammation in the cells. Inflammation is bad because it makes it harder for your neurons to communicate with one another correctly.

Standard Unit Of Highness

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Do You Know How High You Really Are?

So what do we have so far? Obviously, cannabinoid lab testing gives us a base. The second tier consists of the reviews of strains given by customers. This tier allows us to see what the effects of a moderate dose do. In the chart above, Bud Genius combines these two tiers to customize customer strain recommendations. The third tier would be the Standard High Unit, giving the minimum threshold dosage and maximum functional dosage.

By using a uniform height, weight, and representation of both genders, we can achieve standardized results. Volunteers, anyone?

voting matters cannabis

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Pot Matters: 10 Reasons to Register and Vote

If you want to register to vote, Vote Smart provides an easy way to find out the rules and procedures in your state. Just click HERE, and then select your state. Vote Smart will explain all you need to know and how you can register.

Here are 10 reasons why you should register and vote:

First, the only reason that marijuana is legal, and about to become legal, in some states is because people registered and voted for ballot initiatives. Registering to vote means that you can vote for legalization initiatives if they make the ballot in your state.

How Legalized Marijuana Is Sweeping the U.S.

In fact, after November, a majority of U.S. states could have legal marijuana in some form, as three more states—Arkansas, Florida, and Missouri—are expected to vote on whether or not to legalize medical marijuana in the upcoming election (Florida saw a similar ballot initiative fail two years ago). And, at least five states will vote on legalizing adult-use, or recreational, marijuana in November, including California, which already has the country’s largest legal marijuana market, thanks to a medical pot industry that has been around for two decades.

cannabis fact and fiction

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Marijuana: Is it safe? Is it addictive?

At the same time, there’s growing evidence that the health effects aren’t as severe as many people have believed. And, if precautions are taken — such as limiting access for minors — advocates say many remaining risks are modest and manageable.

In research released this month, Meier used data from a New Zealand study that tracked more than 1,000 people for 20 years to compare the health of cannabis users and nonusers.

“In general,” she said, “people who use marijuana did not show poor physical health by midlife with one exception: They are more likely to have gum disease.”

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