Shifting the Stigma Towards Cannabis Users

by Jun 10, 2016

We are constantly reminded of the power of conditioning that each individual receives from a young age. At many points during the growth of the brain, body, and sense of self during childhood, puberty and adolescence, we are faced with certain life choices that begin to shape us and how we move through the world. Whether a positive or negative experience, the outcome or lesson is implemented into the daily life, through action, decision making, mood,  and how we manage our relationships, to name a few of the ways that we relate to our external environment.  These are all patterns of emotion that keep us safe. This is all stated as a precursor for the title of this article, we will get there I promise. Often when these firm decisions or opinions are made, it can limit the mind’s capacity to think outside of what it knows or what it has personally experienced, therefore leading to a closed perspective view. At what point was the collective decision made that cannabis (a sacred plant that grows freely and abundantly and provides a multitude of healing properties,) deemed “illegal” and a schedule 1 substance (the same as heroin, mind you?) Keeping this plant from those who need it, and spending millions of dollars incapacitating individuals for crimes related to this plant, is absurd and an old pattern of belief that somehow has stuck. I’m not saying that we are not trying and that we haven’t made huge leaps, or that it’s easy, there is just one very important element that I want to highlight, and that is we (as a race,) need to let go of the stigma that people who use cannabis are criminals, partiers, dead-beats, dangerous, drug addicts, and the list goes on. Going into unknown territory with such strong opinions is detrimental and creates stagnancy in moving forward. The momentum we could gain if we could use our time for pure research and medical innovation instead of having to constantly defend and explain that cannabis is a phenomenal gift from the earth, is pretty wild, just think about it! That’s the train I’m aboard, who’s with me? 

I completely have faith in the progression that has occurred, it feels like we are beginning to truly honor this medicine.  We are very fortunate to be in this powerful movement with this incredible plant as our guide. This vast plant contains over 100 known cannabinoids, many of which are still being researched and discovered. Like the human body, the organism that is cannabis is highly complex and the more and more we get to know her, the more we choose to take a stance for the people to be able to access this abundant plant. In our bodies we contain receptors that take in information, and nutrients and deliver it to our nervous system to disperse to its rightful place. CB1 receptors are responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana and are present in many areas of the brain and play a role in memory, mood, sleep, appetite, and pain sensation. CB2 receptors are responsible for the anti-inflammatory effects of the plant, they are found in the immune cells and work to reduce inflammation. I bring this up to point out that cannabis has a direct way of communicating with the human body through these receptors, pretty amazing right? There is so much goodness and praise I could speak about in regards to sweet Mary-Jane, but I too, have a strong opinion about it (a positive one,) and am wanting to evoke the individual to develop their own educated belief around cannabis. Is there something specific you would like to ask us that may spark your curiosity? We the Medicine Box Tribe are constantly researching and teaming up with some insanely talented minds that hold a well of knowledge, that we would love to share!


Here are few types of peoples that use Cannabis responsibly:

-Business Owners (that hold it down, and contribute in a large way to the economy.)

-Hard Working Citizens, with families

-Doctors, and medical professionals

-Children who are sick, and healing from their use

-Adults, who are sick, and healing from their use

-Dogs, with arthritis and other ailments

-Mothers and Fathers, who are totally present and love their children fully

-Artists, creative innovators of our time

-People who love the earth and take damn good care of it

We love you,

The Medicine Box Tribe 


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