Best Time for Medicated Chocolate Truffles

by May 5, 2016

Happy Thursday my people! If you read our strain spotlight blog post from a few weeks ago, you know that our chocolate truffles are made using the extremely calming Afgoo strain. (And if you haven’t read it, check it out!) This intense indica boasts strong relaxing and pain relieving qualities. Of course, every occasion is a great occasion to enjoy our edibles, but here are the perfect instances to take advantage of the full benefits of our Afgoo based treats.
  1. After a long, stressful day
You know. The kind of day where everything goes wrong. You’ve been running around nonstop, no time for a break, constantly on the phone with difficult people. Your kids won’t stop bugging you. Your spouse won’t stop nagging you. The line at the DMV was out the door. Your car broke down on the way to the meeting you were already late for. And it’s raining. To top it all off, the Mexican restaurant got your to go order wrong and you didn’t realize it until you got home. Well, before you start eating that chicken burrito – that was supposed to be beef and doesn’t have guac on it even though you paid extra – take a minute, take a deep breath. Plop down onto your couch and open your box of truffles. Pick up a Mint Espresso and bite into the creamy, rich, delectable truffle that will be sure to turn your day around and have you saying “DMV shme MV.” You won’t even miss the guacamole. Let the stress reducing benefits of Afgoo erase the chaos of your day, let your eyes soften and a goofy smile appear on your face. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. 2. Before getting frisky Whether consuming cannabis before intercourse is a well-established staple in your regular bedroom routine or not, right before doing the dirty is an ideal time to eat a truffle. Go the extra mile and offer to share it with your partner. Afgoo is featured on a number of lists boasting “the best strains for great sex,” and is known to enhance sexual experiences. According to Leafly’s strain attributes, Afgoo leaves you feeling relaxed, happy, and euphoric. I can’t really think of a better state of mind to be in before getting intimate. Take it a step further and eat it off your partner’s … okay, never mind, too far. Moral of the story: these truffles make you feel good. 3. After a big day on the mountain You stood in line for an hour to get first chair. Your face is red and chapped from so many face shots. Your voice is hoarse from hooting and hollering with your friends while floating through two feet of powder. It was an epic day. You took those extra few runs at the end of the day despite the lingering ache in your knees, your toes going numb, your sore back from hucking cliffs and compressing your spine. Your body is worked but you’re happy about it. Our truffles are the perfect ending to an all-time day on the mountain. The Afgoo strain has powerful pain relieving qualities and will help ease the aftermath of thrashing around on your skis or snowboard all day. Grab a truffle or two and head for the hot tub. And if you don’t have a hot tub, be thankful you have some delectable chocolate and settle for your couch, it will have to do.