Attraction, not promotion

Medicine Paradox

In late November 2017, just as Brian Chaplin was scooping up the last bits of an apple tart in a downtown Nevada City, California, restaurant, he received a text message from an employee at the Medicine Box farm in Grass Valley:...

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The Lucky Box Experience

How do customers pick from a plethora of products that grows almost daily? Cannabis retailers are just getting a handle on branding and merchandising, so imagine what customers must experience as they attempt to surf the...

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Artisanal Edibles

Craft-brand cannabis treats delivered monthly. Edibles have come a long way since the decades-old pot brownie, which is good news for those who are curious about cannabis but aren't fans of smoking or vaping. For many first-time...

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More than Buds: Medicine Bites Review

Your Guide to All Things Cannabis Except Buds: Edibles, Topicals, Transdermal and More Medicine Box makes strain-specific products including chocolate truffles, tinctures and my favorite, the Medicine Bar. It’s a sweet nutty...

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Sasha Perelman Recommendeds Medicine Box

Edibles I love Medicine Box truffles and medicine bars . They are made with all-natural ingredients and are delicious. Kiva Petra Mints are a great option for micro-dosing, especially on the go. Vape Jetty Extracts are fantastic....

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Local Farmers Working Toward a Greener Future

Since 2014, SYRCL has been working to inspire our community ;to engage in sustainable and ecologically sound cannabis cultivation in the Yuba watershed. With cannabis cultivation on the rise in the Yuba River watershed, hundreds...

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Medical Cannabis in Gold Country

Medicine Box  is a cannabis company headquartered in Lake Tahoe with gardens and production sites throughout Nevada County. Once the largest city in California during the Gold Rush, Nevada County is  poised for another boom…...

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Goo Drop Truffles from Medicine Box

This Goo is for you…Normally the mere mention of goo can send one retching with horror. But as soon as you introduce a little vanilla here and some strawberry over there and oh, what’s that? Just a bit of CO2 extracted cannabis...

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What our clients are saying about us

Being an Army Veteran who has severe depression as well as being a Transexual man dealing with dysphoria on a daily basis, I strive to seek out amazing quality products and that is exactly what I received.

Alex M. HealyCannabis Patient and Advocate

Since the day I was introduced to Medicine Box I have become one of their biggest advocates! I love how clean, pure and tasty these oils are. My favorite tincture to use on a regular basis is 'Happy Belly' which I love after dinner to unwind or before eating a large raw salad to help aid in the breakdown of nutrients and digestion.

Kyra YamamotoHolistic educator and plant advisor

Let me start by saying I love every product I've ever used from Medicine Box. My favorite product is the Vital Restoration tincture. I have suffered from anxiety, depression and insomnia for years and have been dealing with the pain of a bulging disc for two years. This tincture helps with all of these issues. Half a dropper and less than an hour later my pain is almost nonexistent, my anxiety and depression disappears and I've never had a better nights sleep. By morning I wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day. This is now a staple in my life.


Faith MovementSensual Healing

I want to shout out Medicine Box for their AMAZING sublingual oils. I take Movement Medicine and Equanimity. Equanimity is my favorite word, so naturally it became my fav formulation. The reason why I love them is because I’m a superfood and blood adaptogen savant / nerd.

Donnie Ortega Maddenfriendofcannabis


Medicine Box is currently operating with Prop 215 shops only at this time. Stay tuned as WE will be entering Adult Use and Medical Shops by close of 2018. Thank you for your patience.

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