Mindful Cultivation and Innovation

Cultivation is as much of a science as it is a state of being. Medicine Box blends both. We mindfully innovate through cultural, social and political dynamics as we strive to preserve the historic roots of the cannabis movement. We build community through education, collaboration and cooperation. The Medicine Box team stays up to date on the latest science, medicinal and technological advancements in cannabis as we innovate through information. Finally, we innovate through mindful creativity and personal recovery with our individual relationships with cannabis.

Innovative collaboration

Medicine Box is dedicated to mindful cultivation and innovation, but we’re not doing it alone. We work with many individuals and organizations who understand our soil to oil philosophy, practice mindful cultivation and innovation, and share our goal of bringing safe, legal cannabis to everyone who needs it. We appreciate the passion and dedication these people bring to our projects and we would be a very different company without them.

The Soil to Oil Blog

Our latest articles

Getting High? No, Getting Well

Medicine Box, like every other cannabis company, begins and ends with the plant. And only by mastering the plant’s unique heritage and history can we or you maximize its benefits.

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How to do your cannabis oil

There’s lots of ways you can distill and process cannabis oil, but for Medicine Box there’s really two ways: you can either go for volume or go for quality. Since we’re working to make people well, not high, there really is no choice at all.

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Charting the future of the cannabis plant

When I consider the future of cannabis, I think less about the “industry” and more about the cannabis plant itself. How does it change peoples’ bodies, minds and souls, and how will we design it to change ourselves as human beings? Each brand you...

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