Designed to be enjoyable while also approachable, our chocolate truffles are comprised of functional ingredients giving them their unique profiles.


Our tinctures are formulated to target common areas of health and wellness. Mindfully blended with a combination of herbs, whole plant cannabis and terpenes provide practical solutions to your holistic needs. Fantastic for a daily supplement or preventative.


These savory bites are designed for a quick and nutritious snack with the benefits of cannabis. Vegan. Gluten free. High in protein and fiber. With a low glycemic index and an uplifting terpene profile these edibles were inspired by the active lifestyles we live.



What our clients are saying about us

Out of all the hundreds of health supplements I have used and discovered over the past 20+ years Medicine Box tinctures remain in my daily use, top 10 non-negotiable. Being a recovering addict, as well as a fanatical supporter of organic, ethical products it took me a long time to finally find a cannabis company that I trusted with my sobriety, body, and environmental standards of quality and purity.

Luke StoreyThe Life Stylist Podcast

Equanimity’s unique blend of plant medicine allows me to start my day with ease and clarity, ready to meet whatever challenge comes my way. I can’t say enough good things about it, I simply love it! Thank you Medicine Box!

Laura AlbersCannabis Consultant and Researcher, Cannabis Feminist

I used the movement tincture after falling and hurting my back. It helped to reduce my spasms and help my muscles to relax deeply. On a spiritual level, it had the unexpected effect of turning up the volume on my inner intuitive soundtrack.

Kimba BuetnerMassage Therapist, Nevada City, California

Since the day I was introduced to Medicine Box I have become one of their biggest advocates! I love how clean, pure and tasty these oils are. My favorite tincture to use on a regular basis is ‘Happy Belly’ which I love after dinner to unwind or before eating a large raw salad to help aid in the breakdown of nutrients and digestion.

Kyra YamamotoHolistic educator and plant advisor

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Legal Disclaimer

Medicine Box operates in full compliance of AB 266. Our products are intended for adults with a valid California medical card. Please enjoy with care. Medicine Box does not purport to diagnose or treat any medical condition. None of the statements made by Medicine Box have been evaluated by the FDA. Please contact your healthcare provider if you need medical attention. Soil to Oil™ and Medicine Box™ are the trademarks and intellectual property of Medicine Box.