Innovative Collaboration

Medicine Box is dedicated to mindful cultivation and innovation, but we’re not doing it alone. We work with many individuals and organizations who understand our soil to oil philosophy, practice mindful cultivation and innovation, and share our goal of bringing safe, legal cannabis to everyone who needs it. We appreciate the passion and dedication these people bring to our projects and we would be a very different company without them.

Caladrius Network

caladrius network

The Caladrius Network’s mission is to improve the quality of life of catastrophically ill children and their families through education and individualized cannabis therapies.

We believe that every family deserves hope and support. We also believe that cannabis is a vital medicine for many children, so they should have unrestricted access to this life-saving treatment. The Caladrius Network makes every effort to give families the help they need at no cost and we are proud to partner with them to help further their mission.




BAS Research

BAS ResearchBAS Research is California’s first licensed medical cannabis extraction and research facility. We work with them to transform our raw plant material into the high-quality cannabis oil we use in our edibles and tinctures. They share our soil to oil philosophy and they show it by testing the products they work with every step of the way. They are committed to ending the stigma around cannabis by producing clean, safe extracts suitable for even the most vulnerable patients.


The Bloomfield Company

the bloomfield companyThe Bloomfield Company is another fantastic cannabis company from Nevada County. While their beautiful products speak for themselves, the team at Bloomfield is incredibly community-minded. They’re always reaching out and creating partnerships that strengthen our local cannabis community. They recognize the potential of our community of cottage farmers and they work hard to make sure everyone knows what Gold Country cannabis has to offer.


Cannabis Feminist

cannabis feministCannabis Feminist is a collective working to empower women to use cannabis as part of a healthy, mindful lifestyle. Their Bake Sales are innovative social events where you can both learn about cannabis and find the products that are right for you.



Designer151 Studios

designer151 studios

We’ve been working with Manny and the team at Designer151 Studios since the very beginning. They’ve been invaluable as we created our distinctive packaging and physical marketing materials. They’ve taken the time to source hemp paper and post-consumer recycled materials so our packaging leaves the smallest footprint possible. We appreciate everything they’ve done to bring our vision to dispensary shelves.


Palm Springs Safe Access

palm springs safe accessPalm Springs Safe Access prides itself on offering safe, tested products to their community. In addition to requiring full testing of every product in the dispensary, they are committed to educating people about cannabis. Their staff promotes overall health and wellness and, as their reviews on WeedMaps and Leafly demonstrate, their knowledge is appreciated by their patients.


Roundwood Furniture

roundwood furniture

Roundwood Furniture builds beautiful custom furniture, including the furniture seen in our booth and office. While they work with a variety of materials, including skis and snowboards, they use locally reclaimed wood in their projects for Medicine Box. The end results look amazing and function on multiple levels. For example, the seats they built for our booth double as storage devices that close securely and easily roll from the van to the booth. They live by the motto “helping others win” and that attitude is displayed in all of their creations.

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sc labsDespite that, we use them for all of our product testing. They’re well known in the California cannabis industry — they did all the testing for the 2016 Emerald Cup. They’re our first choice for the potency, microbial, pesticide, and terpene analysis we do on our products.

Temple Extracts

temple extractsTemple Extracts shares both our soil to oil philosophy and our belief that terpenes matter. Their mission is to offer pure cannabis oil, extracted from organically grown plants, that is safe to put in the temple of your body. They take pains to preserve the terpenes in their cannabis, so their products offer more than just cannabinoids. Their dedication to the quality of their oil makes their vape pens some of the best on the market.

Vital Garden Supply

vital garden supply
Vital Garden Supply is where soil to oil begins. They’re a family business based in Nevada City and they are passionate about the quality of their products. They specialize in Clean Green and CDFA Organic certified products and they test everything in both the lab and the field. They’re one of our first partners and we love having a local resource for high-quality cultivation materials.



Cannabis Advocacy

Medicine Box is a proud member of several industry organizations that work tirelessly to educate people about cannabis, promote the industry, and protect the people who work in it.

national cannabis industry associationnevada county cannabis alliancecalifornia cannabis industry associationcalifornia growers association