Yours, mine, and ours: The role of open source and fair trade in cannabis

Think about the food in your pantry, the coffee in your cup, the cosmetics in your purse: most likely, you wouldn’t have bought them if they were made from slave labor, or stole their IP from people who couldn’t fight back, and tell the person...

Stronger Together: Gauging the Entourage Effect of Cannabis on Medicine Box

Amongst its most important lessons, cannabis teaches us that no healing can take place in a vacuum. Rather, it takes a village of flavinoids, terpenes and cannabinoids to accomplish all the myriad tasks humanity sets out for cannabis. That Golden, or Emerald Rule lies at the heart of Medicine Box’s understanding of the entourage effect.

Peace Talks: The Role of Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Cannabis

Human beings will fight over just about anything, so of COURSE we’re gonna fight over cannabis. Ever since the days of Harry Anslinger, the plant has inspired conflict and battle. By placing it in Schedule I alongside heroin, Richard Nixon used it to...

The role of cannabis for sports fans and players

Back in the day, when I was the captain of my track and field team in high school, I and my friends would go to a friend’s house during practice to smoke weed before returning. Never did I think it might actually help me compete. Now mind you, I did...

Reaching your peak with cannabis and exercise

If you grew up, as I did, in 20th century America, you most likely perceived cannabis not by what it could do, but who used it. Weed-smokers were seen as herb-obsessed burnouts, not the ultra-athletic jocks, and you’d probably never see them anywhere...


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