Equanimity & Justice

Imagine cannabis as a wrongly convicted prisoner, sentenced to life on trumped-up charges. Along the way, countless people are thrown in prison alongside her, just because they knew her or worked with her in some way. In the meantime, people are...

Equanimity and Its Ingredients

For me and everyone else here at Medicine Box, Equanimity is our flagship product as well as an aspirational goal we strive towards. Within our lives, we seek to achieve a well-rested, calm and relaxed frame of mind to face the day’s...

It Takes A Village to Achieve Equanimity

Creating Equanimity Creating Medicine Box’s flagship product Equanimity was a process of putting together all of the pieces. Think of King Arthur in The Once and Future King, applying all he had learned from all of his teachers towards fulfilling his...

The Industry: The foundational components of Conscious Capitalism

The need for a community. Considering all that it’s had to fight, cannabis could certainly not have survived a double-barreled assault on its existence without community. Yes, the plant can be abused, especially by those who seek strictly to profit...

The Locals: Medicine Box’s exploration on community

It’s not just me that made Medicine Box; standing alongside of me in the greenhouses are the Nevada County, CA OGs and the Squaw Valley shredders that both make these communities unique. Communities possess unique healing capabilities, for certain....
Australia intends to produce a variety of products, not just the marijuana plans
Why Australia wants to be the number 1 exporter of cannabis

Why Australia wants to be the number 1 exporter of cannabis

Cannabis is fast becoming a highly sought after medicinal drug. A notable change in perception is happening all over the world as concerns its use. Cannabis is now seen as effective in treating diseases, with few or no side effects, compared to other conventional drugs currently available on the market. Although it is still relatively new treatment, Cannabis is proving proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Australia wants in on the action.
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