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Who We Are

Join us for an exploratory adventure of all things cannabis, the permaculture pendulum, and the people and products behind Medicine Box. From the mountains of Lake Tahoe, CA to the undulating foothills of Nevada County, CA (Gold Country), the planet we are a part of helps shape and inspire our story.

The deep-rooted history of cannabis, both in California and its humble beginnings in indigenous cultures around the globe, keeps us grounded here at Medicine Box. We seek to preserve these traditions through education and advocacy of the cultural and social dynamics that are integral to building a truly sustainable system. We strive to work in a way that is ecologically and culturally authentic, that serves a higher social purpose while mitigating the stigmas that have been attached to this plant through prohibitionist propaganda.

With a mission of mindful cultivation and innovation and our soil to oil pendulum, Medicine Box and its vertically integrated systems are influenced by the principles of a permaculture lifestyle. Everything thrives in relation to its surroundings, so being good stewards of the land is paramount to our sustainable cultivation practices. We deploy minimum environmental impact through innovative cultivation and infusion techniques that show respect for the land we grow on and the community we live in. We work with nature, not against it.

We’re dedicated to serving the people who use cannabis. We’re seeing a new marketplace of canna-curious consumers that are seeking to integrate cannabis into their lifestyle as a health and wellness product. We depend on the patients and the consumers to guide us as we mindfully cultivate and innovate our new industry. Together, we’re working to support the cottage homestead farms that are the foundation of our community. It’s our soil to oil approach to complete quality control over our supply chain while delivering the approachable products that support the mindful lifestyle we live that gives the pendulum its harmonious swing.

Through mindful observation, we develop a holistic relationship with the soil we build, the plants we cultivate, and the products we create. We designed each of our 14 products to be approachable, functional, and enjoyable for both new and experienced consumers.  We strive to provide up-to-date, science-based education to help patients and consumers use cannabis in a way that promotes long-term health and well-being.

From soil to oil to you.

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