Practicing Mindfulness: The 9 Ethos of Medicine Box

by | Apr 16, 2018

e·thos | ˈēTHäs

noun: the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.

The nine ethos of Medicine Box, where all things are medicine and cannabis is the medium that weaves everything together. When combined synergistically with this ethos, Medicine Box is stewarding an evolving entourage effect of a lifestyle. It is every human’s right to live a happy and healthy life while exploring their own consciousness.

The Need for Mindfulness

Last week we introduced mindfulness as our April ethos. Practicing mindfulness as medicine contributes to the synergistic effect in the evolution of Medicine Box. It provides an ongoing theme throughout the fabric of not only our values but the way we implement our vision.

2018 has been filled with a labyrinth of regulations, strategy, and convolution which has tested the best of us in this developing industry. It has also reminded us as a team to take a step back, zoom out on the big picture and breathe into the present tasks at hand. The variable situations that consistently present themselves give us the opportunity to practice mindfulness. To bring awareness of what is happening around us so we can further develop our vision.

Practicing Mindfulness

Many times in my morning Qi Gong session, whether it is in the greenhouse surrounded by plants or on my deck overlooking Lake Tahoe, I tend to reflect on the present tasks at hand while zooming out on the bigger picture. As tedious and mundane as the present tasks of the day may be, they always seem to balance out when we focus on the bigger picture. This is what keeps me going day after day. It’s this collected energy (or Qi) that I strive to share with the team as well as our innovative collaborators.

If any medicine can be shared with others on a daily basis, mindfulness is the one. It doesn’t come in a fancy bottle, or pill. You don’t need a doctor to prescribe you mindfulness nor is it an over-the-counter medicine. Mindfulness is a medicine that is already in each and every one of us. We just need to take the time to give ourselves a daily dose!

A dose of mindfulness as medicine in combination with supplementing cannabis into your lifestyle provides a fantastic way to combat anxiety and stress. The next time you find yourself having to deal with life on life’s terms, I recommend a microdose of our Equanimity tincture while flowing through your next Qi Gong session. Remember to always zoom out on the bigger picture, and let the mundane come into balance. Go with the flow and don’t forget to share your mindful medicine!

How do you practice mindfulness? How do you share it with the people in your life?