A Medicine Box Reflection in Time

by | Dec 7, 2017

What inspired you to create Medicine Box? Where do you source your inspiration from? What makes you creative? How do you tap into that creativity? These are just a few of the questions I was asked as I embarked on this journey. It inspires me to reflect on this aspect of my life as both Brian and as the founder of Medicine Box. The messaging that is important for my team and me to pursue as this brand evolves.

medicine box reflectionsJust as nature continuously evolves itself, my pursuit of new ideas and values evolves the overall mission of Medicine Box. It is this reflection, after returning from a walk in the woods with my father on the property that I grew up on in New Hampshire, that allowed me to tap into inspiration in the current moment but also into what became part of my DNA as I evolved as a human. I was born in 1980, before the cell phone era, on the cusp of the millennial generation. Steve Jobs was building the Macintosh personal computer in his garage, changing the way we see the world forever. It is this reflection which prompted me to write this post.

From Reflection to Permaculture

Nature taught me to be still, it taught me to be mindful, before I even knew what that term was. In fact, I enjoyed being outside so much as a kid, soaking up nature’s magic, that I opted to go to college to study Environmental Studies. I chose that because it was fun, not because I thought I’d be a scientist or have a career in that field. See where I’m going with this? Nature inspires. It teaches. Nature provides clarity in a time of need and is a conduit for inspirational discoveries. It gives a human being like me leverage to create. To create a brand, a passion, and a lifestyle where I am able to surround myself with nature and work with it, not against it.

walking in new hampshireI was fortunate to take an exploratory walk in a place that holds so much intrinsic value to me. I was able to tap into the inspiration that has been embedded into me for 37 years and share that walk on Instagram live which created a duality that was creative in and of itself. I spent so much time here as a kid — building forts, climbing trees, and collecting flora and fauna without the distractions of a cell phone. Now here I am taking 27 people on this exploratory journey with me via my phone!

Looking to the Future of Cannabis

Legalizing cannabis will be one of the largest cultural shifts of our time; I believe it will be larger than both the personal computer and smartphone revolution. It is imperative that we as a culture are able to adapt and evolve together, just as nature does. With the massive amount of information that the cannabis movement is gathering every day, it can be overwhelming. However, walks in nature are where I explore mindful innovation. Get outside, take a Medicine Box product with you and get inspired.

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