Thankful for Cannabis

by | Nov 23, 2017 | Cannabis Legalization, News | 0 comments

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope your day is filled with wonderful people and delicious food! Our team would like to share just why we’re thankful for the plant that brought us together.

Brian Chaplin: Thankful for CannabisBrian, our founder:

I am thankful for cannabis because it has no boundaries. Cannabis brings people together from all walks of life where we all share a common goal: to heal ourselves and others. It has given me the opportunity to discover work that I am passionate about. I have been able to mentor, be mentored, create and execute a passionate vision with like-minded individuals in the form of a socially responsible business. Cannabis has taught me patience, to be humble, to be an advocate and to build community. It has helped me heal and has also shown me how to be a healer for others. I am grateful for cannabis on this day and all days.

Demitra: Medicine Box Brand ManagerDemitra, our brand manager:

I am grateful for cannabis for SO MANY REASONS.
It heals. It does not discriminate. It urges us to go beyond our comfort zone. It unifies. It’s community. Its diverse existence has the power to treat and enhances the quality of life for those suffering from illness. It is generous beyond reason. It’s a shapeshifter. It speaks to the parts of us that need love and healing. It asks that we be our truest expression of our self.

I am forever grateful for this plant.
It’s pure life, from the earth. It’s MEDICINE.

Ann-Britt, our brand manager:Ann-Britt on the farm

I am thankful for cannabis because:

It reveals people to themselves. It empowers people to heal themselves in a way that they may not have known was possible. It recreates a forgotten human connection to the plant world and our ability to utilize mother nature’s medicine. Cannabis brings people together, from ALL walks of life. It creates a safe space to share a common thread. I am thankful for cannabis for awakening a fire within each of us, advocating for its acceptance and approval. I am thankful for the community that supports this plant, the friends I have made through working with this plant and what it has taught me about standing up for what you believe in, no matter what laws may stand in the way. This plant brings us back to our roots. I am grateful, every single day.

jill medicine boxJill, our chief nerd:

I am thankful for cannabis because it provides me with the time and space to perform the self-care I need to be a healthy, happy person. I use our chocolate truffles to help me sleep, but I also use the hour in between eating the truffle and feeling the effects to wind down and end my day in a constructive manner.

I’m also thankful for the flexibility cannabis offers. I use it to help me sleep, to relax, and to ease stress, but my grandmother uses it to manage her arthritis pain, and the children the Caladrius Network serves use it for a huge variety of reasons. We still don’t know what cannabis can’t do, so we’re only limited by our imaginations and our patience with trial and error.

Why are you thankful for cannabis?