Emerald Exchange: Medicine Box Highlights

by | Aug 22, 2017

Our weekend at the Emerald Exchange was filled with inspiration, community, cannabis culture, and industry insight. The Medicine Box team had a phenomenal time, and we would like to share our highlights! This Emerald Exchange took place in Southern California near Moor Park on a beautifully landscaped and curated nursery. Thank you to the organizers and hosts for this dynamic experience; we are immensely grateful.

Cannabis Culture

The intention behind the Emerald Exchange is to bring the Northern California grow culture (specifically in the infamous Emerald Triangle) to the Southern California marketplace. As the largest cannabis producing region in the United States, the Emerald Triangle is rich in cannabis culture passed down from generation to generation. Farmers represented their region with pride and shared knowledge of appellations, climates, water conservation, and family legacies.

Nevada County also had major representation. This tight knit community of cultivators, brands, and activists is gaining recognition as a cultural movement. Much of the movement in our county is based around the communal development of the regulations. (Since there is not yet an ordinance, this requires our county to come together big time to move forward!) So much collaboration, education, and intention is shared between Nevada County cannabis cultivators, business developers, and advocates. It is always a treat to feel that same spirit of collaboration and welcoming across the state within the cannabis community! The mutual respect between two of California’s largest cannabis regions (The Emerald Triangle and Nevada County), was palpable and felt extra sweet!

Medicine Box was proud to represent our lovely county along with Hummingbird Medicinals, Bloomfield & Co., and Just Herb. We are honored to be a part of the dynamic cultural umbrella that is the cannabis movement!

Emerald Exchange Marketplace

The passion of the future of cannabis was felt by all. Conversations of where we’re headed, and how to do so with intention were shared with vendors and attendees alike. Everywhere you looked there was beauty, collaboration, and the unfolding stories of our favorite brands. The marketplace was certainly a highlight for our whole team! Brands told their stories and shared the fruits of their labor in style. Each booth was intentional and complete from the jars of organically grown cannabis to the smiling faces behind them. Educational materials, health and wellness cannabis products, prerolls, and good ol’ fashion flower were gifted to the guests. Medicine Box thoroughly enjoyed connecting to our fellow cultivators from Nevada County as well as meeting new friends from the Emerald Triangle.

We also enjoyed meeting all of the attendees that stopped by the booth! We especially loved their enthusiasm for the plant and community behind it. Medicine Box wouldn’t be where we are today with out the support of each of you, we thank you big time! Oh, and one last thing, that bat man skirt Clever Root, you got it going on!

Until Next Time

We left the event feeling so filled up from all our beautiful connections. Continuing to grow closer to our community down south while also meeting new friends statewide, was exactly what we needed. So many dynamic offerings came together paired with cannabis, which played a huge roll in expanding the reach of the medicine. Ganja Yoga, sex talks, enhanced massage, and more are excellent ways to speak to a demographic that is not directly invested in cannabis (yet)! We salute the approachability that Emerald Exchange has created, and look forward to the next one!