Meet the Medicine Box Tribe: Meet Ann-Britt

by | May 1, 2017

Today’s installment of Medicine Box Monday is an introduction to another one of our tribe members and Brand Managers: Ann-Britt Hakansson.

Meet Ann-Britt

Ann-Britt was born and raised as a mountain kid in Truckee, California. After a six-year stint in Denver, Colorado she was drawn back Tahoe and now resides in Carnelian Bay. Growing up skiing at Squaw Valley and playing in the great outdoors, Ann-Britt developed a love for adventure sports and exploring nature. Her passion for skiing led to competing and in high school, Ann-Britt had the opportunity to be homeschooled and travel all over Europe and South America as a ski racer. Not only did she have a chance to see the world, she also had the opportunity to hone her knowledge of how to take care of your body for optimal performance, health, and wellness.

Her desire to be near snow and mountains brought Ann-Britt to Denver in 2009 to attend Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver where she received both her BA in international business and her MBA specializing in marketing. Upon graduating she accepted a sales position at Zen Planner, a business management software company. Working there taught her how to build relationships throughout the sales process to create long-term customers and that an amazing company culture is incredibly important and rewarding. When she wasn’t working or going to school, Ann-Britt spent her time in Denver skiing, hiking, seeing live music, and developing a passion and devotion to yoga.

Back to California

Ann-Britt left Denver after 6 years to study yoga and meditation more intimately. She received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification from Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja, California where she lived and taught for a few months. Ann-Britt found great inspiration there and knew she wanted her contribution to the world to revolve around healing, health, and wellness.

Working for Medicine Box

Working for Medicine Box started as a serendipitous opportunity and has become much more than a job. Her role as brand manager and core tribe member covers anything and everything. Event coordinator, product developer, creative and content contributor, social media guru, amateur photographer, chief scribe, the list goes on…Ann-Britt and her ability to take on any task help keep the business as organized as possible, which makes her an integral part of the Medicine Box vision. And she loves it!

Medicine Box is a mindful company focused on patient education and using cannabis for healing and overall well-being. Working here allows Ann-Britt to combine her passions for healing others with a robust knowledge of cannabis and its seemingly endless medicinal power. The skills she garnered in business school and her knack for keeping up with the latest industry trends add to her contributions in branding, social media, marketing, and sales. Sure working for a start-up can be tough but working for a startup in the cannabis industry, where the gray area is massive and regulations are changing on a daily basis, is an exciting challenge.

Ann-Britt remains grateful for her role in an influential business in a new and growing industry. Sending emails from the chairlift, an office walking distance of Lake Tahoe, working with her best friends, and traveling to fun events all over the state aren’t too shabby either.

Ann-Britt continues to bring her outgoing, positive attitude to the team and works alongside her tribe to make Medicine Box a household name in the cannabis movement. Check out our blog or click below to see more of her contributions. Stay tuned for new products lines and all that she has to offer.

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