Cannabis Education: The Weekly News Round-Up

by | May 6, 2017

Every week we share our favorite cannabis news and research. We’d love to see your favorites as well — please share them with us in the comments or on our Facebook page.

1. Pot vs. Pain

Cannabis has been shown to fight pain just as well as opioids, but it’s also been shown to have fewer side effects. Despite that, many people in this country are still fighting for access to cannabis. People deserve the chance to choose which medicine is right for their individual needs.

2. Having “The Talk”

While the stigma attached to cannabis use is fading, it can still be tough to talk to your friends and family about your choice to use cannabis. Americans for Safe Access created a series of booklets to make that conversation easier. You can share several condition-specific booklets which provide facts and research to help your loved ones understand and support your choice.

3. Study: Cannabis Often Substituted For Prescription Medications

Many people are choosing cannabis over their prescription medications, particularly pain killers, anti-anxiety medications, and antidepressants. Even though medical marijuana isn’t covered by health insurance, many people would rather pay out of pocket for cannabis than continue to deal with the side effects of other medications.

4. The Overlooked Wellness Benefits of Cannabis

Conversations about cannabis tend to focus on its medical uses or its recreational appeal. However, cannabis has plenty to offer in terms of general health and wellness. Check out the article to learn how cannabis can benefit you, even if you’re not using it to treat a specific condition.

5. What’s the Correct Edibles Dose?

While the right dose varies by individual, this is a great guide to getting started with edibles. If you’re looking for more information on how to enjoy edibles, check out our Mindful Consumption Guide.

6. Marijuana and Your Memory

This article gives a thorough explanation of how cannabis impacts your memory. While most of the changes are temporary, we’re learning more about this issue all the time. For example, new studies are finding that cannabis can help people with PTSD let go of the negative memories that interfere with daily life.

7. Marijuana Munchies Explained by Science

It turns out that THC regulates the neurons that suppress our appetite, leading us to feel the urge to eat even when we’re not hungry. However, cannabis users have lower BMIs and less risk of developing diabetes than non-users. Check out the article to learn more.

8. How To Choose The Right Medical Cannabis Strains

Even when cannabis is legal, there are few guidelines on how to use it to treat specific medical conditions. Until science has a chance to catch up, most medical marijuana users are stuck using trial and error. This article explains the differences between indicas, sativas, and hybrids and THC vs. CBD. Hopefully, this helps take out some of the guesswork.

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